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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14
  • 1.13


2 changelogs (2.11 + 2.12), because 2.11 was not published here.



As this version isn't actually merged into official repository, you should use those links as reference:
* Default config.yml file with all parameters explained: here
* Plugin.yml file, with updated list of permissions + commands usage: here

Edit: Has been merged, so check directly official repository: config.yml and plugin.yml.


2.11 has been merged after my PR: Direct link for information.

2.12 is for now a pending PR: Direct link to discuss the code updates.


**Main changes:**

  • New permissions, more options
  • Commands autocompletion
  • Optional confirmation message (clickable) when RTP cost money
  • WildTP signs are now configurable
  • Settings can be overridden per world
  • Documentation of parameters (in online config.yml) & permissions (in plugin.yml)
  • Performance improvements (maybe not notifiable on good servers, but can count on smaller ones)
  • Add bossbars (configurable) to let the player know when the RTP will be done
  • Add configurable effect when a RTP starts (can be changed per world / per type, ie portal, command, ...)
  • Fix directional RTPs, also let you translate directions now
  • You can choose to freeze players (same: per world / per type)
  • Check player balance before searching a random location
  • As GUI is not very useful, can be disabled in config
  • Fix glith and bugs, code cleaning and refactoring

Direct link on the Spigot Forum: (where I've posted initially)



[spoiler=Changelog: (from 2.11 to 2.12)]
* perf improvements, like tell in comment above PortalzGoneWild
* another perf improvement: calc world bounds once, not each RTP
* (minor) store translated string with chat colors preprocessed,
instead of parsing colors each time they're used.
* Add a configurable bossbar "TP in X sec"
* Add autocompletion for portals name in /wildtp delete command.
* Add coords in portals list with /wildtp list (clickable, see below)
* Allows to connect two portals together
* Add new permission + command to tp to a portal
* Add configurable potion effect when rtp (per world + per type)
* Removed "no world edit" with commands => As WE is not required
* Now you can choose if portals bypass cooldown or not (per world)
* Also per world: Can choose to freeze player while waiting for tp
or letting him move without to cancel the tp.
* Add new dynamic permissions (for /wild [player] [world])
* Allows to tp another player to given world (resolves #33 issue)
* Fix glitch: player cancel a rtp then fall and received no damages
* fixed another potential glitch, when in delay to wait the rtp
and drop is enabled, no fall was enabled (before to be tp),
and depending on tp wait: can be inactive when really tp.
* Also prevent now to use /wild while falling
* Fix buggy COLLDOWN message + allows to translate time parts
(this also resolves #42 Github issue - See note below for users)
* improvements in RandomLocationSearchTask & refactoring
(mainly by using internal fields instead of variables
which was calculated in several methods before).
* same for TeleportGoneWild class: refactoring / restructuring
* Merge signchange & signclick (also sign break in fact)
* Merge pre & post teleport listeners
* Make IInventoryHolder an internal class of GeeYouEye,
as it only contain a single method, with single instruction,
+ only used by GeeYouEye. => Add an option to disable GUI too.
* Check player balance before searching random location (pay after)
* Fix directional TP (min / max were never sent to search class...)
* Allows to translate directions, and time parts (h, min, sec, ...)
* Allows to choose if tp from command / sign / portal
can bypass delay / cooldown / cost (per world)
* Prevent to override an existing portal without forcing in command
+ add a way to cancel the process (click same block)
* Add checks when creating portals to prevent portals in portals
* Allows to use actionbar instead of chat for cooldown msg
* Fusrodah!
* Allows to set size limit for portals (per world)
* Allows to ignore portals for specific gamemodes (per world)
* Prevent to retype command while waiting for a RTP
* Handle moving borders (must be activated in config, per world)
* Add option to extinguish blocks around in nether (per world)
* Code cleaning and refactoring, also remove unused class Cashier
* Change variables encoding to UTF-1337 & write stupid comments
* Having a bug, watching the game... waza?
* Saved the cheerleader, saved the world
* Readd Herobrine

/!\ Notes for users:
1. They can to remove COOLDOWN in Messages.yml, to let the plugin
regenerate it, or remove the "seconds" part in their translation:
It was buggy: you could get « you must wait 1 hour seconds ... »
Now, they can translate hour / min / second independently
2. "NO_WE" can be removed from Messages.yml, it is no more used
(No problem if this stays in the file.)
3. New sentences are added in the Messages.yml once the plugin
has started, they can translate them (if needed), then reload.



[spoiler=Changelog: (from 2.10 to 2.11)]

* Write the existing permissions in plugin.yml
* Add dynamic permission to use /wild [world]
* Add permission to be exempt of charges (global or per world)
* Add autocompletion to commands
* When a TP has a cost, you can have a confirmation message (clickable)
* Allows to configure signs text (activator + displayed)
* Add %COST% placeholder for signs text
* Allows to use world aliases on sign instead of long world name
(which won't work because the plugin can't recognize it)
* Allows cooldown to be global or per world
* Now, almost all parameters can be overridden per world
* Handle the config differently: Now no need to maintain default values
in both code and default resources/config.yml (which was outdated BTW),
they will be taken directly from the resources/config.yml
& new parameters put inside will be injected in existing config files.
* Change also how Messages.yml is generated to inject missing (or new)
sentences in existing files (This could help in next versions).
* Add dropPlayerFromHeight in config to set a value for dropPlayerFromAbove
dropin height (because for example, some plugin / datapacks,
like endAboveOverworld, could create issues.
Also because some admins would prefer players not fall from too high)
* (dropPlayerFromHeight also Fix sound being stopped before played entirely
in some cases: With endAboveOverworld for example, the previously
hard coded height of 300 caused tp in end, then re-tp in overworld...)
* (this also fix /back broke, at least with essentials, for same cases)
* Add %X% and %Z% placeholders in commands
* Add documentation in plugin.yml and config.yml (see note below)
* Change commands return values (because now that usage is filled in
plugin.yml, this had to be clean not to send it to player for no reasons)
* A few changes in the code, like reuse existing methods instead
of exec the same instructions (reuse TooWildForEnums.translate for example)
* A few code improvements here and there (see TooWildForEnums for example)
* A few code clean: Remove unused imports, ...
* (github) Actualize the README.md file.
* Remove Herobrine