Have you ever wanted to use a command on multiple players at a time? Well now you can with Wildcard Commands. By itself, this plugin is almost useless. But combined with other plugins, it becomes an extremely useful tool.

How does it work?

Step 1: Installation is simple, all you do is drop it into your plugin folder, start your server, and you are done.
Step 2: Type a command from another plugin, or a default Minecraft command. For example /give Devinish 1 64 (This command would give me a stack of smooth stone)
Step 3: Replace the name "Devinish" with "[online]" and the command will then give 64 stone to all of your online players!

What else do I need to know?

You can use the following in place of player names:

NameVault Required?Description
[all]NoThis will affect all players, online and offline.
[on] / [online]NoThis will affect only players online when the command is run.
[off] / [offline]NoThis will affect only players offline when the command is run.
[p:]NoThis will affect any players listed. (e.g. [p:Player1, Player2, Player3])
[g:]YesThis will affect any permission groups listed. (e.g. [g:Admin, Moderator, Default])
[town:]NoThis will affect members of the town (Towny) specified.
[nation:]NoThis will affect members of the nation (Towny) specified.

Example Usage

So what are some creative ways to use this?

  • Reward all of your online players with some bacon, because you are a really nice admin (EXAMPLE: /give [online] 319 1).
  • Add multiple people to a protection at once.
  • Use SignShop and set signs up to run commands affecting online players.
  • Punish players for not playing the game by deducting money from their accounts because you are an evil admin! (EXAMPLE: /money grant [offline] -100,000,000,000,000,000).
  • Users bugging you? /lightning [online]

There are tons of fun and creative ways to use this plugin!


  • wc.use - Allows players to use WildcardCommands.


If you encounter a bug with WC, you can open up a ticket here.

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