WikiSearch allows players to quickly and easily get the answers to a variety of frequently asked questions via a single in-game command. Automatically generate and shorten search URLs for a number of wikis and other searchable websites; then make use of the results yourself, send them to a specific other player, or broadcast them globally in server-wide chat.


  • Use the /wikisearch command to search one of the available wikis or other searchable sites.
  • Control who sees your search results: just yourself, a specific other player, or everyone logged into the server.
  • Choose which wiki or other searchable site to use for each search. A number of commonly referenced sites, including the Minecraft wiki and Let Me Google That For You, are searchable right out of the box.
  • Heavily configurable. Easily add your own wikis and other searchable sites, change which wiki is treated as the default, or edit the format used to display search results in chat.
  • Permissions-based. Control which players or groups can make use of which features of the plugin.


For instructions on installation, configuration, permissions and usage, see the WikiSearch wiki page on the RemyWiki.


The VoxelPlugineering Team's as-yet-unreleased VoxelKnowledge plugin served as a major source of inspiration during WikiSearch development. Check out some of the VoxelPlugineering Team's other work – they're behind a number of solid, high-quality plugins that are great for taking a creative-oriented server to the next level.


WikiSearch's source is publicly available on GitHub under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Got a feature to request, a bug to report, or an interest in contributing code? Use the WikiSearch issues tracker so that I can keep everything organized in one place.

WikiSearch was originally developed for the RemyPas Minecraft Server. The server's plugineering team is looking to take on another developer or two; if you're interested in working on stuff like WikiSearch or one of our other plugins, be sure to shoot me an email so we can talk about what I'm looking for in a dev.


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