What's Heroes Skills

So I was messing arround with making skills for my own server and I decided that I had a good amount of them to start something on BukkitDev and share them with you guys. Hope you enjoy it.

The Skills

  • Critical: (Passive) Chance to deal extra damage to target
  • FirstAid: Auto-heals a percentage of the hero's health
  • Heal: Heals a percentage of target hero's heals
  • KickSand: Kicks sand from the gound and deals Earth damage to target. Must be on sand to use it
  • Repulse: Pulls the target away
  • SummonArrow: Summons a set amount of arrows
  • SuperCharge: Shoots an extra-charged arrow
  • BlastResistance: (Passive) Absorbs part of explosive damage
  • SkillSharpShot: Same as SuperCharge but deals percentage damage and has chance to deal twice as much and stun
  • SkillRetrieveArrow: (Passive) Chance of retrieving the arrow that killed the target
  • Lunge: Deals damage to target and pushes it back a few blocks. Must be used with spade in hand
  • FireTrap: Marks a block as a trap block. If a player steps on it, the block and all the blocks arround it are set on fire
  • Grenade: Throws a primed TNT to the direction the player is looking at
  • FireWalk: Sets all blocks the player walk on fire
  • SpiritRecovery: (Toggle-able Passive) heals extra HP and Mana while stopped but leaves caster more vulnerable
  • DoubleCombo: (Passive) Chance of doing extra damage after dealing consecutive attacks
  • ComboChain: (Passive) Chance of doing extra damage after DoubleCombo
  • ComboFinish: (Passive) Chance of doing extra damage after ComboChain


  • Sell: Sells item in hand for given value
  • HeavyCoins: Uses money to deal damage to target
  • Investigate: Deals ranged physical damage
  • AsuraStrike: Can be used a few seconds after FinishCombo. Drains all remaining Mana from caster and deals great damage based on the amount ot Mana drained.
  • CreatePoison: Gives the player a Potion of Poison II Extended
  • Clones of Sandkick, like Dirtkick and Gravelkick (any more suggestions on this? would be fun to have Obsidiankick)
  • Scan
  • Reach 34 skills!
  • BlastResistance: Add interaction with SkillShield to absorve more damage
  • Lunge: (Try to) make the required set of weapons configurable


I would like to thanks some people that made all these skills possible.

First of all, I would like to thank, of course, the creators of the Heroes plugin for providing us with such an amazing tool to play and mess with and enchance our experience on minecraft to extreme levels. Please keep up with the outstanding work!

Second of all, I would like to thank a lot Multitallented, for making his skills open-scourced and making tutorials on the internet on how to make a basic skill. Both things allowed me(and still are) to learn more and more. In fact, the main body of all my skills are based on his. Thanks a bunch!

Last, but, certainly, not least, I would like to thank the bukkit/minecraft community, especially other developers, that are always there to help on both forums whenever starters, like me, need them. I hope that one day I can pay it back and help people arround with their issues and I hope this colaborative spirit never dies within this community.

Come see them in action!

If you want to see some skills in action, you can come join my server @ mc.nikaocraft.tk:25565 Most of them are being used there or are planned to be added soon


As of v4.1, these skills are all compatible with the Heroes Skill Tree! Simply use the nodes generated on skill.yml that contain "hst-" on them. They will increase/decrease that given amount for each skill level, instead of using the player's level.


It would be very nice to recieve something back from you guys if possible. Although I like to code and make skills a lot, stuff has to be payed... So if you want to show your compassion, you can DONATE! :D If not, well, okay then D:


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