WorldGuard Eliminate [Mob Remover]


This plugin will despawn any hostile mob that walks into a World Guard Region that is predefined in the config file. Also, Mobs will not target any player in that region. People said it couldn't be done, but here it is!

Of course, the plugin as the title states, is ONLY compatible with WorldGuard Regions.

The plugin checks all entities in a world, then checks if that entity is an entity from the list in the config.
After checking if the list contains the entity name it will then check that region for the mobs, if they are there, it removes them.
Use that page for configuring your config.

If you have a mob following you and you enter that region the mob will follow you into that region and be despawned.
This plugin does not stop mobs like skeletons from harming you with arrows, you must set the Mob-Damage flag to Deny.

Commands & Permissions

/wge reloadwge.reloadYou can reload WorldGuard Eliminate
/wge addwge.addYou can add regions
/wge removewge.removeYou can remove regions


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