[Bug] Color issues with Chat and Tabed list. #5

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  • _ForgeUser48008 created this issue Jun 10, 2012

    Werewolf Version: Werewolf 0.1.8 Alpha
    Bukkit Version: 1.2.5-R4.0

    Issue: When you are a werewolf, it will cause 2 names to show up in the tabed list. Werewolf, and SomeWerewolf. These names have no color, and look odd with a colored tabbed list.

    Additionally, when a werewolf talks in chat, all the chat's formatting is removed. For isntance, with HeroChat, there are channels, local and Global. It is normally indicated with a (L) or a (G). This formatting is removed by Werewolf.

    A quick solution to the tabbed list problem, is to maybe not include those names in the tabbed list at all, to have better compatibility. I don't mind NOT seeing their names in the tabbed list as werewolves personally.


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  • Forge_User_09714816 posted a comment Jun 4, 2015

    I will go for removing the names from the tablist completly, but the names will still be visible with the /list command.

    There is now an option for doing your own chat formatting in the config.yml

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