WelcomeBookRecoded v1.0

The complete plugin for all things Books!

This plugin adds a load of useful features for managing books and providing information to your users.


Simply place the WelcomeBookRecoded.jar file into your /plugins directory and start/reload your server. Then read the documentation on how to use this plugin.

Current Features

  • Players can make regular BookShops
  • Admins can make infinite BookShops that never run out of stock
  • Export books and save them to their own configuration file
  • Supports as many books as you like
  • Give users books when they join for the first time
  • Give users books when they join every time
  • Get books with a commad
  • Give others books with a command
  • Create commands to easily obtain books
  • Have a universal cooldown on getting books which saves after restart/reload
  • Turn a written book back into its editable form
  • Edit a written book's title
  • Edit a written book's author
  • And much more!

Planned Features

  • None, please suggest below.


BookShops adds player and admin run 'chest' shops that allow players to sell books for free or at a price. You need Vault and a Vault supported economy plugin for this feature to work. For a tutorial on how to create BookShops click here.

Commands & Permissions

Click here for the commands and permissions.


Click here for the configuration.

Change Log

Click here for the change log.


The plugin has been COMPLETELY recoded in WelcomeBookRecoded v1.0. Pretty much EVERYTHING has changed, so make sure to understand the new plugin.

If you are using a plugin such as AuthMe you must make sure that if that plugin has an inventory protect feature you must disable it. In AuthMe it's the setting ProtectInventoryBeforeLogin in the config.


Source can be viewed on GitHub.


Support the Development

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