This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

What it can do

Tiered of building complicated redstone circuits to create a automatic minecart system? No interest in updating intersections if one destination changes? You need a plugin which knows all your tracks and the shortest path to your destination. WeichenMeister will switch intersections automatically so you can build up a railway system really fast. Simply type in your destination and enjoy the journey.

About the name

'WeichenMeister' is a german created word and can be translated with 'intersections master'. The idea behind the name was automatic switching of minecart rails. So every rail communicates with the minecart and knows which way it wants to go. So 'WeichenMeister' is a kind of AI which does the switching for you and it does this job perfectly. And german craftsman which are really good in their job are called 'Meister'. You see the name makes sense.


  • Automatic switching of intersections
  • Signs to mark stations
  • Detects connected rails and finds the shortest path

How does it work?

To create a destination place a sign with [WMDestination] in the first line and the name in the second. The sign can be placed next to the track or underneath. Your railway system should consist of connected rails, powered rails or detector rails. Jumps and other one way connections are not supported. Make sure you have enough powered rails to ensure a pleasant journey.
When you run the plugin the first time you need to search your world for tracks. Do this by typing '/wm scan'. It creates a abstract map of your railway system which can be solved with graph theory. To find the shortest path to your desired destination type '/wm dest STATION' and plugin is going to find it. That is all you need to do.


Drag the plugin in the plugin folder and reload your server. If you run this plugin the first time you have to type '/wm scan' to detect all rails in the world. Depending on the size of your world it can take a few minutes.

Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions



Known Bugs

  • Detection if you are moving in the wrong direction
  • No detection if destination is connected to your railway


  • Database implementation
  • Listener to update database
  • Display the distance to the target
  • Thread to check if database data is up to date


Version 0.1 - delayed because other projects need my attention
  • Initial release


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