This plugin is compatible with 1.7.9 Craftbukkit and 1.7.10/1.8 Spigot and servers using Java 8+.

(UPDATE! 1.2 - Release Candidate 1!)

A new update is here (WeepingWithers 1.2-RC1)! Download it here.

As always, report bugs in the ticket section. Please let me know what you think in the comments. :)


"They're coming. The angels are coming for you, but listen, your life could depend on this: don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast, faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Good luck." ~ Doctor Who: Blink

If you're a true Doctor Who fan, you probably are a fan of the Weeping Angels, as well. If this is the case, you may very well like this plugin. WeepingWithers is a spooky mini-game. Picture yourself walking through an old house, with vines growing from every crevice. You're looking for books. Not just any book, explorer books. Nevertheless, it's not that easy, because you know you're not alone. The Weeping Withers, creatures who seek to feed on your temporal energy have been waiting for you. They're fast and powerful, so fast and so powerful that they could kill you instantly. But there's a catch—the moment any living creature looks upon a Weeping Wither, it freezes, unable to move. As soon as you look away or blink—even for a split second—you might find your adversary is yards closer to you than they were before. This is the challenge that the Explorer must face as he combats against the other team who are disguised as wither skeletons.

NOTE: This plugin is a standalone, and requires its own server to operate.

Read the Tutorial and API reference if you need help setting this up.


WeepingWithers is a mini-game. There are two teams. One team is the Weeping Withers, the other team is the Explorers. After a minimum amount of player has joined the game, one of the players is assigned as Weeping Wither.

The Explorers' Goal

In order for the Explorers to win, the clock must tick down to zero and the remaining players on the team will be the winners. The Explorers will look around their surroundings and find chests, some of which containing Explorer Books. Upon right-clicking with these items in hand, a certain amount of time will be subtracted from the clock... usually. Sometimes, they may backfire and alert the Withers. If a player dies (no matter how), he will join the Weeping Withers and be forced to betray his teammates. Withers are fast and can take a lot of health from the player per hit, but their weakness is they can't be looked at directly and move at the same time. Therefore, a good strategy is to carefully look at a Wither and back away so it does not have a chance to move. Unfortunately for the Explorers, this is no fool-proof tactic as blinking, a momentary darkening of the screen (it's pretty obvious), will thus render the Withers unobserved and consequently very, very deadly—if only for a split second or so.

The Weeping Withers' Goal

By himself, a Wither is very weak. Explorers may team up so they can watch him and keep him from moving. If a Wither is smart enough to snag a few explorers and bring them to his side, he can be a formidable enemy and crush the other team. If one happens to be the first Wither, the one who is selected at the beginning of the game, he should not rush the Explorers head on. Rather, hide in the shadows. Be patient (just not too patient, because remember the clock is ticking). Strategic areas are windows and near chests, because the Explorers will be looking for Explorer Books. Once all players are Weeping Withers, then they will be the winners.

The below is a demonstration video so you can better understand Weeping Withers (footage of v1.2 RC1).


The following are required for WeepingWithers to function:

(Permissions, Commands, Config)


The only permission at this point is weepingwithers.ww, which controls the usage of the /ww command.


The only command at this point is /ww. Here are the usages:

/ww spawns (pspawn) (set:del) - Used to set the lobby or set or delete player spawns.
/ww spawns (list) - Lists the player spawns.
/ww setchests - Gives the administrator the Explorer Chest Designator. This is used on chests that the user wishes to set as an Explorer Chest.
/ww reload - Reloads the configuration file. (Best to restart, but sometimes it's needed to use this command)


    # Whether or not the game should be in Edit Mode (for editing levels.)
    EditMode: true
    # The lobby location set with /ww setspawn lobby.
    Lobby: world&0/0/0/0/0
    # Player settings.
      # Minimum required players.
      Min: 6
      MinWithers: 1
    # WitherTask - How often should the task that checks for watched/unwatched players be run? Once every x ticks
    WitherTaskTimer: 2
    # The chance that an explorer book appears in each explorer chests. Example: 1 = always found in any given Explorer Chest. 5 = 1/5 chance that it will be found in the Explorer Chest.
    ExplorerBookChance: 3
    # How many seconds should elapse between the minimum player requirement being met and the start of the game.
    CountDownFrom: 15
    # The time limit. (Seconds, not ticks)
    TimeLimit: 180
    # The BlindBlinkFactor is useful because a potion effect for the value of the blink window * the BlinkBlinkWindow is added.
    BlindBlinkFactor: 1.10
    # How many ticks should the Wither be able to move for when blinking?
    BlinkWindow: 25
    # Should the Explorer Chests "bleed" exp? (If true, exp will appear near the chests and generate creepy sounds. May affect performance.
    BleedExp: true
    # How much time Explorer Books subtract from the clock.
    BookTimeBonus: 15
    # How much a explorer should regenerate every time he normally would.
    ExplorerRegenAmount: 0.5
    # Should people on the wither team be able to see themselves as withers? Warning: Overrides LibsDisguises' config.
    WitherCanSeeSelf: false
    # How fast should Withers run? (Normal: 0.2)
    WitherSpeed: 0.5
    # Modifies the instant damage inflicted by Weeping Withers.
    DamageMod: 2
    # Modifies the intensity of the wither potion effect received when damaged by Weeping core.
    WitherMod: 1
    # How low the time must be before Sudden Doom activates.
    SuddenDoom: 30
    # Time-freezing properties.
      Enabled: true
      Chance: 15 # 1/(Chance) per count
      MinimumTimeBetweenFreezes: 20 # To eliminate chance of time freezing twice in a row or something.
        # Should the countdown unfreeze after (Time) seconds?
        Enabled: false
        Time: 1200 # ticks
    # Explorer book backfire options.
      # Should some books backfire (alerting withers to their presence) when used?
      Enabled: true
      # 1/(Chance) probabilty that book will backfire.
      Chance: 5
      # Should we randomly choose players for each compass (true), or should all compasses lead to the same player (false)?
      CompassRandomization: true
      # How long should Withers get a compass showing where the Explorer(s) are?
      CompassTime: 300
    # World weather options.
      # The world time to set the game to.
      Time: 14000
      # Write "INCLEMENT" for stormy weather. Write anything else for calm weather.
      Type: INCLEMENT
      # Automatically updates the doDaylightCycle game rule, which controls the change of world time.
      DoDaylightCycle: false
    # A list of all player spawns (auto-updated with the /ww setspawn command).
    Spawns: []
    # A list of all explorer chests (auto-updated with the Explorer Chest Designator).
    Chests: []


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