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Maybe you already know my old weed plugin (”WeedPlugin”). If you do: Forget anything you think you know about this plugin!Weed Reloaded is a completely revised version of WeedPlugin which is much more - no, I think it’s even the most realistic weed plugin for Bukkit. It is completely rewritten and as I sad before, it’s really realistic.

But not only the little things, like that you just can smoke weed in a joint and with flint and steel in your inventory, no there are so many things which are much more realistic than before.Here are just some examples:

  • Before you can smoke the weed, you have to grow it.
  • The plants need water and a lot of light, otherways they will die.
  • To roll a joint you need papes and a tip.

But this are just three of a lot of new features in this plugin.

Come on, give it a chance and try it out, it’s free and it’s fuckin’ awsome!

How to grow

In this section, you’ll learn how to craft weed seeds, plant and finally smoke them.

Let’s start with crafting our weed seeds (the different strains are configurable in the configuration). To do this, just put some normal seeds and bone meal (in this example, but you can also use other dyes, which are configured in the config).

As you can see, you’ll get Silverhaze Seeds. They are 80% sativa and 20% indica. Sativa means that the weed makes you high. You’ll feel uplifted and you’ll get effects like speed, jump boost, etc.

Indica means that the weed makes you stoned. You’ll fell tired but very good and you’ll get effects like slowness, heal, night vision, etc.

Overall, you’ll get 3-5 effects. Based on the percent amount, they’ll be more indica or more sativa. The THC percent amount is just the start-amount. While the plants are growing, the THC amount will rise or fall. This depends on the amount of light and water the plant will get.

Also, there are male and female plants. But you can only smoke the female plants. They’ll drop weed. Male plants drop new seeds. If you just plant the seeds, the plants will get female with a chance of 60%.If you want to rise the chance to 99%, you need to use a feminizer. The feminizer will make your plants female with a chance of 99%. On the website you can see how to craft the feminizer (http://www.weedreloaded.condev.net/#how_to_grow). Just use a bukkit and the pink dye.

To feminise your seeds, just put the seeds and the feminizer together...

Now you got feminised seeds or is it called feminized? I don’t know, but I think it doesn’t matters...

Anyway, you’re now ready to plant your seeds. As I said before, the plants need water and light. To get information about the plants while growing, you can craft a gage. Rightclick the lower part of a plant with the gage in your hand to get information about the moisture, the light and the growing state.Important: You can harvest, when the growing state is Mature.

On the right you can see how to craft the gage. You need eight redstone and one stick. Put the stick in the middle and the redstone around it. Done.

Now go and grow your weed :)

Attention, this may take a while! Every state needs between 20 and 30 minutes, and there are 4 states.

But we’re not done yet. Before you can smoke your weed, you have to roll a joint. For a joint you need papes, a tip and weed.

To craft a tip, just place one paper in the workbench (See the recipes here: http://www.weedreloaded.condev.net/#how_to_grow). It will give you six tips.

To craft papes, place three papers next to each other in the workbench. It will also give you six papes.

On the website (http://www.weedreloaded.condev.net/#how_to_grow) you see how to finally roll a joint. I know, the weed name fails, but here’s the recipe again:

w = weed; t = tip; p = papes




More Information

You’ve already learned what Weed Reloaded is and what it does. You’ve also learned how to grow weed. So, that’s it?No, it’s not. There are some more usefull information about growing, and those are listed here:

  • the THC amount rises when the light and the water amount are perfect, if they aren’t, the THC amount falls
  • you can create new weed seeds in the configuration
  • you can change the starting THC amount per weed in the config
  • you can change the percent of sativa and indica per weed in the config
  • you can create more weed seeds how you want them
  • if you want to water your plants just take a waterbucket and rightclick the block under the plant
  • you can only smoke the joint if you got flint and steel in your inventory
  • the strenght and lenght of the joint effects depend on the THC amount

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start trying out this new, awesome plugin!

Commands & Permissions

Like in every other plugins, there are permissions. Weed Reloaded has just one command: /weedreload

This command will reload the configuration. The permission is: weed.reload

Here’s a list of all the other permissions:

weed.use.gage - Allows the player to use the gage

weed.use.waterbucket - Allows the player to use waterbuckets

weed.craft.joint - Allows the player to craft joints

weed.craft.tip - Allows the player to craft tips

weed.craft.papes - Allows the player to craft papes

weed.craft.feminizer - Allows the player to craft feminizers

weed.craft.seeds - Allows the player to craft seeds

weed.smoke.<weedname> - Allows the player to smoke weed


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