Mailbox for items

Use for: deposit items and withdraw items that are in your mail

Line 1: [WebAuction]
Line 2: Mailbox
Line 3: Withdraw (not actually needed)

Line 1: [WebAuction]
Line 2: Mailbox
Line 3: Deposit

Virtual Box

Use for: Create Virtual Inventory of Web Portal Items for you put or get items

Line 1: [WebAuction]
Line 2: VBox


Use for : Sell your auction in game, follow this step:

1 - ) Make the auction on web site first
2 - ) Put the sign

if work right the sign will turn GREEN

Left click on sign show you what will trying to buy
Right click on sign will buy it

Game mode Creative not work with this sign

Line 1:[wSell]
Line 2:{ID} ( You will found the ID on your items section of WebPortal )
Line 3:{Amount} ( optional ... if you don't put nothing here the amount will be 1... )

ob: the line 3 is the number of items will sell for each time a player click ( max is the amount you put for sell on web auction )
ob: if you r using Essentials... give the essentials.sign.* permission ( IMPORTANT )


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