Are you sick and tired of having to put the forum link in chat?! Do players get annoying asking for the servers website link!? Well you will no longer be annoyed by these things! WebLink is a plugins i originally developed for my server although it lightweight it keeps your server organised and and less chaotic! Let your players have a easy way to get to the forums or website by just typing a simple command in game!!:D

No Longer will there be annoying times where you have to type the web adress with WebLink its just a command away! WebLink also comes with a voting command what makes this plugin different from others is that it takes up literally no server ram and can hold to crucial components for your server! Voting And A Website is the strt of becoming a great server!

Dowload This Now

Download this plugin now for a better and more organised server:) "Its Just A Click Away"

Features And Commands

  • (weblink) gives you link to the server website of forums!
  • (votelink) gives you a link to your server voting page! For example "Planet Minecraft"
  • (help weblink ) Help you with weblink

Future Commands and Features

  • More than 1 VoteLink
  • Add Color
  • Reload WebLink
  • And MUCH MUCH More!


I would like to thank you for looking at this plugin and implementing it on your server it means a lot thanks:D


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