How to Edit

The Basics

For the most part, editing of the design will be done via the css. While for content editing you will have to look at each individual page.

CSS Files

One of the things I am working on, and that anyone else can help me with is providing a selection of cool designs for people to choose from. These will be in the form of a css file and possibly a few images.

To see a commented version of the default css file: click here

jQuery Files

For jquery ui packs take a look at: with the download you only need to include the contents of the css folder.

To download and install these new designs:

  1. Download the zip file and extract it.
  2. Upload all the folders to the root of your WebAuction site.
  3. Open the config file in the scripts folder, and insert the name of the new design, and the name of the jquery ui folder (if different)

List of designs:

  • Main - The default design, no need to install its already there, but just to show the file format

Making a design zip:

The folder structure must match up with the WebAuction folder structure from the root of the WebAuction site.


To submit the design, either host it and let me know where to find it, or I can host if you email me the zip: [email protected]


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