WebAuction v0.2.8


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    Oct 5, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1240



  • Checked for 1240 compatibility
  • Removed some empty set errors
  • Removed errors relating to "recent" signs with a number larger than currently available in database


  • Trying to fix more php errors that get reported (mainly a problem with isset)
  • Attempt at fixing Concurrent Modification error with the recent auction signs
  • Added a sign that shouts in a local area (given a radius) if there is a new auction


  • Experimenting with in game signs reporting live actions on the website
  • Can now make recent auction signs to show the x th most recent auction - allowing for a scrolling live feed of new auctions


  • Added player images to website (after seeing a screen shot of Insidiea's webauction)
  • Better handling of upper and lower cases in login (you can log in as either "MyName" or "myname" now)
  • Wont except new auctions with prices which aren't numbers (duh...)
  • Small changes to the item info file. Changing max stacks of foods etc


  • Configurable cool-down between sign/chest uses
  • In game alerts when you sell an item
  • unlock chests when someone crashes/logs out while using one


  • Fixed reference bug with sales when result goes straight to mail box


  • Added in images and info for (most) new 1.8 items


  • Support for other economy plugins: BOSE6, BOSE7, Essentials, iConomy5, iConomy6, MultipleCurrency


  • Main work was trying to get it running with new bukkit/minecraft/spout builds
  • Added md5 for passwords (everyone will have to reset password)


  • Auctions now stack up fully, no more 3 pages of stone stacks from same person RUN scripts/stackAuctions.php AS AN ADMIN TO SORT CURRENT STACKS!!
  • Start of the Admin section for website, they can remove any auction... will add more stuff they can do, admins need in-game permission: 'wa.webadmin'
  • Edited the look slightly (very slightly)
  • Making it easier to change the look for the site with a config for which css file to use and which jquery theme to use.


  • Fixes to the MySQL integration


  • More secure login
  • Fixed error with transaction page where quantity was 0
  • Option to send purchases to my items rather than mail (globally set in the web config file)
  • Fixed the way mail is sent (from my items page) so that it splits items into max stacks, so that you wont lose items if you only have one inventory stack free and you receive mail that contains more than one full stack of items.


  • Now can link directly to an iConomy table, if in same database
  • Sorted out a problem with depositing and withdrawing decimals
  • Added a max sell price to the website config
  • Round all auction prices to 2dp
  • Added a withdraw all sign


  • On "my auctions" page when creating a new auction it will show more info about the items you have stored (quantity and market value)
  • New transaction log page, to see recent sales and purchases (log items get removed at the same rate as market value prices get removed, see web config file)
  • Can choose how much of an item stack you want to buy.


  • left clicking chests caused them to lock


  • MySQL closing connection too early bug fix


  • Attempting to sort out spout loading dependencies