Version: 3.1.1

Simply control the weather on your server with some commands. Set it to sun, rain or storm(thundering)! With this plugin you are also able to deny sun, rain or storm in a world you want. There is a tool to strike lightnings, too!
Please be not confused with my English. I'm from Germany!
I hope this plugin is easy to use for you! If you find errors or bugs, then please send me a PM.

How to install:

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Put the WeatherGod.jar in your plugins folder.
  3. Start your server!

Label is /weathergod, /wg or /wgs

/wg - Shows information about WeatherGod!
/wg help - Shows helping information!
/wg sun <world> - Sets the weather to sun!
/wg rain <world> - Sets the weather to rain!
/wg storm <world> - Sets the weather to storm!
/wg day <world> - Sets the time to day!
/wg night <world> - Sets the time to night!
/wg sunrise <world> - Sets the time to sunrise!
/wg sunset <world> - Sets the time to sunset!
/wg check <world> - Shows the current weather & time state!
/wg forecast <world> - Shows the weather forecast!
/wg reload - Reloads the configs!
/wg states - Shows the states of each world!
/wg tool - Gives you the tool to strike lightnings!
/wg strike <player> || all - Strikes the specified <player> or all!
/wg set <world> sun/rain/storm/day/night true/false - Sets whether it can be sunny, rainy or stormy or if there can be day or night!

'weatherGod.*' - Gives you access to all permissions of WeatherGod!
'weatherGod' - Gives you access to see information about WeatherGod!
'' - Gives you access to see helping information!
'weatherGod.sun' - Gives you access to set the weather to sun!
'weatherGod.rain' - Gives you access to set the weather to rain!
'weatherGod.storm' - Gives you access to set the weather to storm!
'' - Gives you access to set the time to day!
'weatherGod.night' - Gives you access to set the time to night!
'weatherGod.sunrise' - Gives you access to set the time to sunrise!
'weatherGod.sunset' - Gives you access to set the time to sunset!
'weatherGod.check' - Gives you access to check a world for information about weather and time!
'weatherGod.forecast' - Gives you access to check the weather forecast!
'weatherGod.reload' - Gives you access to reload the configs!
'weatherGod.states' - Gives you access to see the states of each world!
'weatherGod.tool' - Gives you access to take and use the tool of WeatherGod!
'weatherGod.strike' - Gives you access to strike other players!
'weatherGod.set' - Gives you access to set options for certain worlds!

If you create a new world with MultiVerse e.g. on your server, you have to reload WeatherGod with /wg reload to get the new world loaded in the config of WeatherGod.
WeatherGod is using Java 7!

To-Do list:

  • Forecasts shown on signs

    Have an idea or a suggestion?


Version 3.1.1
- Bugfix when a player types /wg strike all the player himself/herself got struck, too
Version 3.1
- New parameter ":all". When <world> gets replaced with this parameter it will set the given weather or time to all worlds (as requested by IchCraft033 ;))
- Bugfix where worlds were not added to the config after config was reloaded
Version 3.0
- New command /wg day
- New command /wg night
- New command /wg sunrise
- New command /wg sunset
- New command /wg forecast
- Added Possibility to disable day or night
Version 2.1
- Bugfixes (the WeatherGod config should now work correctly for all weather cases, but one: If "sun: true", "rain: false" & "storm: true" the weather can't be set to storm. It is impossible, because there must be rain so that it can thunder. Maybe you have an Idea on how to get it work?)
Version 2.0
- Plugin completely new written
- New style
- Added new command /wgs states Shows the weather of each world
- Command /wgs check works all time now!
- New command option for /wgs strike... -> /wgs strike all Strikes all players on the server
Version 1.5
- Command /wgs check works now!
- Mistake-Fix: When it was storming and the weather was set to rain, it was still storming
Version 1.4.2
- If "sun: false; rain: false; storm: true;" storm seemed not to be always active. Now fixed hopefully :)
- Added new command /wgs check. Normally this should show what state of weather it is in the moment. But doesn't work yet.
Version 1.4.1
- Now you can set whether you want thunderstorm or not in your world (see config) -> Thanks to Bukkit!
Version 1.4
- Added new command /wgs set <world> sun/rain true/false With it you can set whether you want that it can be sunny or rainy in this world (also configurabel in the config!) For example: If you have "sun: true" and "rain: false" in a world it will never rain in this world. Info: If you set "sun" and "rain" to false the weather will not change the state it is in this moment!
- Some fixes
Version 1.3.1
- Changed main command to "/wgs" because of WorldGuard
- Now developed with Java 6 for people who had problems with getting the plugin loaded
- Some fixes
Version 1.3
- Added a configuration file to set the tool id
- Added a new command /wg tool This gives you the tool to strike lightnings
Version 1.2.1
- Fixed lightning not creating fire when striking with the tool
Version 1.2
- Added a tool to strike lightnings
- Offical release
Version 1.1
- Added function to strike other players
- Added function to reload the plugin
Version 1.0
- Unoffical release

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