Weapon Levels


  • Weapons, Armor, Tools and other items gain experience as you use them and level up!
  • As they level up, weapons and items deal bonus damage!
  • Items gain enchantments as they level up!
  • Experience bar and level shown under the item name in the inventory!
  • Permissions!


WeaponLevels allows you to level up your weapons and tools as you use them, making them more powerful! The level and experience are displayed right under the item name, adding a slick new look to your server! Every time you hit or kill a mob or player, the weapon you're using will gain experience. As it levels up, it's damage will increase and the color of the item name will change.

Video by Samkio and Torrent!

Item Stages

Stages can be set in stages.yml. As your items level up, they will reach each stage and receive the color, enchantments, and any bonuses that are set.


  • /wl version - Shows the current version of the plugin.
  • /wl reload - Reloads the plugin config files. OP only.
  • /wl setlevel <level> - Sets the level of the currently held item.


  • weaponlevels.* - Allows all items.
  • weaponlevels.<stage> - Allows <stage> items
  • weaponlevels.setlevel - Allows use of /wl setlevel


Enchantments can be set for each level stage in the config. The list of enchantments is separated by commas. Each enchantment is formatted with two numbers separated by a period. The first number is the ID of the enchantment (Click here for the ID list), and the second number is the level of the enchantment. So if the enchantment is "5.3", it would be Respiration III. Or, if it were "17.5", it would be Smite V.

Upcoming Features

  • Integration with RPGItems, MagicalWeapons, PVPGun+, and DiabloDrops
  • More information in item descriptions (damage/armor, special effects, etc.)
  • Weapons gain durability as they level up
  • ...let me know of any other ideas you have for new features!

>> Source Code <<

>> Developer API <<


Version 1.2.6 has been posted and is awaiting approval by a moderator before it will be available for download.

Please note that this is a development build that was rushed in order to fix multiple bugs from the previous version, so use it at your own risk. I had to rush it because I'm going on vacation for a week and will not be able to code during that time.

Some changes to be noted:

  • Now uses only 4 config files: config.yml, stages.yml, groups.yml, items.yml
  • Stages.yml defines all of the stages.
  • There is now a "bonuses" section that contains things such as damage, armor, etc.
  • Ignore groups.yml and items.yml for now; they haven't been fully implemented yet.
  • When fishing, you can now receive fish of different levels; the higher level your fishing rod, the higher chance you have of catching high-level fish
  • Stages now have a "food" bonus which increases the fullness you gain from eating food of that level
  • Many items have their experience bars removed; this will be configurable in the next update

If you have any questions about the new system, or bugs you have found, please leave me a private message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


GleeCraft: $50 (gleecraftmc.com)

Donate to NOVUS

Donations are greatly appreciated and allow me to spend more time working on the plugin! Let me know the name of your server when you donate and I'll add your server to the list above!


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