What is WatchDog?

WatchDog is a simple tool to allow server staff to add players to a flexible watchlist. It is designed to allow players who are questionable to be easily tracked across timezones by any staff who are online when the player logs in. Once a player has been added to the watchlist, the next time they login all players who have the watchdog.statusupdates permission will be notified that a player on the watchlist has logged in.


Just drag and drop into your plugins folder then restart your server! Simple!


WatchDog uses permissions to allow selective users or groups to access specific commands. The permissions are compatible with any permissions plugin that implements Bukkit's SuperPerms such as PermissionsEx or bPermissions. Below you will find a list of all available permissions.

  • watchdog.use Allows user to use WatchDog
  • watchdog.add Allows user to add a player to the watchlist
  • watchdog.remove Allows user to remove a player from the watchlist
  • watchdog.statusupdates Allows user to be informed when watched players login


The following commands are currently available for WatchDog.

  • /wd add <player> <reason> Adds a player to the watchlist with a given reason
  • /wd remove <player> Removes a player from the watchlist
  • /wd notify <status|on|off> Enables/disables notifications for a user
  • /wd info <player> Displays watchlist info for a given player
  • /wd search <player> Searches the watchlist for players matching a given string
  • /wd count Displays a count of the total players in the watchlist


  • Database support


WatchDog is hosted on github. Feel free to contribute!


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