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Minecraft WarZ is a Minecraft plugin that turns the entire server into a world of survival and zombies. This plugin is based of the PC game "WarZ".

In the plugin, a player can either be a Survivor or a Zombie.

You start off as a Human, your job is to survive as long as you can until those things get you! Once killed, you respawn as a Infected(Zombie). As a zombie you have special abilities and limitations; same for the survivors.

http://wurmpedia.com/images/thumb/1/13/Important_Icon.png/48px-Important_Icon.png This is in alpha stage!

Minecraft WarZ Guide



- Get a starter kit.

- Ability to build. (/Build)

- With permission, Staff can set users to Humans(/Admin)

- Ability to go Camo, when walking on blocks, changes your helmet to the block you are on. (/Camo).


- Cannot pickup items.

- Contain Ender Signal effects around them.

- Ender Signal effects are invisible while 'sneaking'.

- Increase Food Level while moving.

- Heals after killing a human.

- Cannot Kill other Zombies.

- Have a 10% chance of receiving a Wooden Sword while breaking blocks.


- /WarZ - Command Menu

- /Build <SmallBarrier, LargeBarrier, Corner, Flare>- Build Structures

[] SmallBarrier Items Needed - 3 Wood Blocks

[] LargeBarrier Items Needed - 5 Wood Blocks & 2 Torches

[] Corner Items Needed - 3 Wood Blocks

[] Flare Items Needed - 4 Nether Fence & 1 Netherrack Block , 1 Flint & Steel

- /Status - Checks your In-Game WarZ Status

- /Admin Human [Player] - Set a Player to Human


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