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Welcome to WarTime. This is a plugin meant for servers that want people to join together and cause havoc on other nations in the world. The main reason behind this project is to create a plugin that has organized havoc and chaos.

User Guide

WarTime is a Anti-Grief plugin in the case that you allow people to come into the Nation and edit for a period of time(rulers set the amount of time). A new Nation will cost $20,000 (editable in config). All nations can choose either to be part of a larger cause if they are selected by the Admin Nation aka Titan. Nations are give 3,500 chunks to claim(connected to main claim excluding colonies). More to come later in time.

Goals for up and coming Nations

  • Establish a Nation - ★ Lvl Here ★
  • Constructed Bunker NetWork - ★ Lvl Here ★
  • Build Nation Walls with a main gate and watch towers - ★ Lvl Here ★
  • Constructed the main Towns inside of your nation - ★ Lvl Here ★
  • Finally claim colonies - ★ Lvl Here ★

commands configs


none cause its not released yet


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