Warps Reloaded

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Warps Reloaded


Warps Reloaded let's you experience warping as you never experienced it before. Of cause it provides normal command based warp creation and warping. But it also allows you to create warp signs, maps and portals. You can even enable particle effects on warping.
The described features aren't final yet neither the structure of the config, the commands or the permissions. I will update everything on release.


  • Warp Signs
  • Warp Maps
  • Custom Portals
  • Particle effects on warp
  • Pay for warps
  • Permissions for warps
  • Warp Regions
  • Warp Groups
  • Per world and global warps
  • Maybe Bungeecord support

Current Progress

  • Basic warping
  • Particle effects
  • Saving and Loading warps and warpgroups from a file (database not implemented yet)
  • Warp Groups (no commands yet)


warp help[#]Shows how to use the warp commandswarps.help
warp(name)Warps youwarps.warp
warp(name) [player]Warps another playerwarps.warp.other
warp create(name)Create a Warp at your current positionwarps.create
setwarp(name)Create a Warp at your current positionwarps.create
warp mapGives you a Warp Mapwarps.map.give
warp map[player]Give other players a Warp Mapwarps.map.give.other
warp list[#]Lists all available warpswarps.list
warps[#]Lists all available warpswarps.list

Warp Signs How To

To create a warp sign just place a sign with the following content:

//the warp name//
//cost - optional//
//timeout - optional//

After placing the sign you should get a message saying the sign was successfully created. If there is a cost specified for the warp it gets written to the sign. A manual cost line will override this. The timeout has to be set in seconds. If you add a p behind it it will be for a player, nothing or g will create a global timeout.

Installation & Configuration

Just download the .jar file and put it in your plugins folder. You should be ok with the default settings. If something doesn't behaves as you want take a look at the config:

    Use-Permissions: true //Use Permissions or OP-Rights for administration stuff
    Use-Vault: true //Use vault if installed
    Force-SuperPerms: false //Fix for non supported permissions plugins which use the bukkit permissions api
    Log: true //log actions which were disallowed
  Debug: false //show detailed error messages
  Statistics: true //send stats to mcstats.org
  Show-Prefix: true //show the prefix before messages
  Prefix: '&4[WarpsReloaded]'
  Error: '&c[Error]' //the error prefix
  Warning: '&e[Warning]' //the warning prefix
  Language: en //which lang file to use
  ColoredLogs: true //parse color codes
  HelpHeader: WARPS RELOADED HELP(%page%/%pages%)
  HelpFormat: '&e%cmd% %args%: &f%desc%'
  System: SQLite //SQLite or MySQL
  File: database.db //This can vary depending on the choosen Database Sytem
  UseDatabase: true
  File: warps.yml //Only if UseDatabase is set to false


Development Builds

You can get Development Builds from my Jenkins

Warning: Those Builds aren't checked by the BukkitDev Staff Members. They aren't fully tested. Use them on your own risk!


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