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WarpSigns2 was created when the warping plugin Points grew an API, and the previously internal warps signs feature was moved to a separate plugin which uses the new API. WarpSigns2 allows for signs to be used as physical teleporters to warps created in Points. It is useful as a mechanism to provide access to warps, both public and private. It is a social extension to the system provided by Points.


  • Create warp signs to any of your warps
  • Allows easy access for others to your private warps
  • Destroy warp signs at any time
  • Automatic importing of old Points warp signs


About Points

Points is a general purpose teleportation plugin, hoping to unify teleportation on your server. It provides per-user warps that can be shared, as well as home points and easy access to spawn (both bed and world-wide). Points supports multiple worlds, as warps are per-world. In addition, admins can define server-wide warps (globals) to provide easy access to server-wide points of interest.

Visit the Points BukkitDev Page

Visit the Points GitHub Page


Seeing as WarpSigns2 is a plugin for Points, it naturally requires Points to run. Please visit the Points BukkitDev page (above in the "Information" section), to download the latest and greatest version of Points.


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