WarpPortals API

WarpPortals now has a Custom Event API. Bukkit explains Events at Event API Reference. WarpPortals triggers custom events allowing other plugins to tie into these events. The events provide player & portal information and allow other plugins to cancel the portal teleportation.

An example implementation of the API can be found at example/WarpPortalsEventListener.java.

  • This simple Event Listener displays a message to the player upon successful WarpPortal teleportation.

WarpPortals will trigger three events:

  1. WarpPortalsEnterEvent
  2. WarpPortalsEvent
  3. WarpPortalsTeleportEvent

WarpPortalsEnterEvent is called when a player enters any portal. The event will contain the player object and a boolean with either True, the portal is a WarpPortal; or False, the portal is a normal Nether/Ender portal.

  • If this event is cancelled, Bukkit handles the portal enter event as default (as if there is no WarpPortals plugin)

WarpPortalsEvent is the main WarpPortal Event. It is called after the WarpPortalsEnterEvent, as long as that event is not cancelled and the portal entered is a WarpPortal.

  • The event contains three pieces of information:
    1. The player triggering the event
    2. The portal associated with the event. This contains:
      • Teleportation coordinates
      • Portal name
      • Coordinates of blocks making up the portal
    3. Boolean hasPermission
      • True - Player has the "warpportals.enter" permission
      • False - Player does not have it
  • This event will default to cancelled if the player does not have the "warpportals.enter" permission. The event can be re-enabled by calling setCancelled(false) on it.
  • setTeleportCoordsPY(Location newLoc)
    • Use this method to change the location that the player will be teleported to.
  • getTeleportCoordsPY()
    • Returns the CoordsPY destination that the player will be teleported to.
  • An example WarpPortals Economy plugin could use this method to: check if the portal being used costs money; check if the player has the money; charge them OR cancel the event, therefor blocking them from using the portal.

WarpPortalsTeleportEvent is called once the player has been teleported. It has two pieces of information:

  • The player that was teleported
  • The previous location of the player, AKA the location before they were teleported.

Open an Issue on the GitHub page if you have any questions!


1.0.0 (3.0.0)

  • Added WarpPortals Event API
    • Plugins can be written that tie into WarpPortals
    • Example: An economy plugin can be created that charges people for portal use
    • Allows 3rd parties to add missing features


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