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Do you have people on you server that need to be told no to do something but dont want to kick them?

Well now you can use WARNED! to send a warning to those players and after a set amount of warnings the user will be kicked and after an addition warning the user will be banned from the server!

WARNED! gives server admins for flexibility when dealing with players that are causing trouble that doesn't require a kick/ban but a mere warning. It is easy to use and versatile when dealing with users on your server. If you want mods to only be able to warn players but not do anything as drastic as a kick/ban then you now have that ability!


  • Warn players first
  • Set a number of warns before kick/ban
  • Ability to reset the amount of warns given to a player
  • Fully customizable


  • Coming soon!


  • Code in configs and other useability features
  • Bug test before public release

Any questions, comments? Please feel free to PM or leave a comment!


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