Step 2: Lobby Spawn

After you have setup your database connection and made changes to the config, you will need to setup your game lobby. The first step to this is setting your spawn point. Goto the point where you want to have the players spawn and type /w setlobbyspawn.

Step 3: Lobby Wall

Next you will need to setup the lobby status wall. First create a wall of signs. There are a few things you need to note when creating this. For best results the height of the signs needs to be 3 or more high. The width of the signs needs to be (spawnpoints / 4) + 2 and needs to be an odd number. for example, if you have 24 spawns you would need 24 / 4 so 6 signs + 2 for the game status and join sign. This will give you an even amount of signs so you will need to add 1 more sign. The recommend size of the wall is 9 x 3. Once you have created the wall, select both ends with world edit (Top right sign, and bottom left). Once you have the signs selected type /w setlobbywall. If all goes well you should see "lobby signs have been successfully created" and see the startup animation play

An example of what the wall will look like before being set at the recommend size Example

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