Creating Arenas


Step 4

Once the lobby is setup, the next thing to do is start creating arenas. Creating arenas are one of the easiest things to do in the Walls. Simply use worldedit to create a selection around the arena. Once you have the whole arena selected (Make sure you get to the top and bottom of the arena!) type /w createarena. If all goes well you should be told that your arena was created.

Step 5

Setting the walls is also very easy. just select the whole wall that you want to be deleted when the walls drop with worldedit (make sure you select from the top of the wall to the bottom, then type /w addwall (arena #) then you can do the same for the other wall.

Step 6

After you have created the arena, use the command /w setspawn next to set the next spawn point at the place were you are standing. You can also use /w setspawn <#> to set a specific spawn point. You must go around to each side and set 1 spawn per side so players start it all 4 corners.

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