Each channel has a corresponding channel on IRC that you can use to join and chat as well. You can control the modes on IRC to limit who joins the channel from IRC. Every server has what is known as a "lobby" channel that is the "default" channel people will join. This is the channel where events are broadcast from in game.

There are a few things to note about how the channels work:
- Chat is broken on dynmap at present.
- When in game, you will ONLY see chat messages from other players from the current channel
- People marked ACTIVE in your channel in-game have a red [A]. Only these people will see your messages
- You cannot part the lobby, only mark as inactive
- You will receive messages from IRC for every channel you are joined no matter what channel is active
- Two servers cannot share a lobby channel, but they can share any other channel
- At present, the modes only apply for the lobby channel
- Channels are automatically prefixed with "#"

Accessing the channels on IRC:
- Your lobby channel is the name you entered on WaffleWeb
- In game channels are suffixed with /mc on IRC. For example, joining the channel "waffles" in game will appear as "#waffles/mc" on IRC

Keeping your channel secure via IRC:
There are various modes that the IRC network provides that will help keep your channel secure. Please note that all channel modes are case sensitive, for instance two channel modes like +o and +O do drastically different things. So as a precaution refer to this document if you are unsure when setting them. Also please note that these modes are for IRC. (Not in game)

  • Channel mode +s - This will make your channel secret, meaning only people in the channel will be aware of its existence, it will not be displayed in any public channel lists.[/*]
  • Channel mode +G - This will add a bad words filter to your channel, using a predefined list of bad words. All bad words that are used will be replaced with (Censored). See also +g[/*]
  • Channel mode +g [Word] - This is a bad words filter that you control, unlike +G, +g can be different in each channel. To use it you have to specify a word to filter, for instance /mode #chan +g badword[/*]
  • Channel mode +f [Lines]:[Seconds] - This mode prevents users from typing X number of lines in X number of seconds to prevent channel text flooding. An ideal parameter for this mode would be: /mode #channel +f 5:5[/*]
  • Channel mode +k [Key] - This channel mode adds a key to the channel, that users must enter before they join. For example, if you set /mode #channel +k password - Users will have to type /join #channel password[/*]
  • Channel mode +B - This mode prevents users from typing in full capitals.[/*]
  • Channel mode +S - This mode strips all colours, bolds and italics from users text.[/*]

To set a channel mode, you do: /mode #[channel] +[modes] [other] - Obviously replacing the quoted with the actual parameters. An example of a channel mode being used is: /mode #paradox +s


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