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vReport v1.3 | ACCEPTED!



  1. This plugin was coded to try and prevent spam. By giving your players the permission to report others. May help in spam!
  2. P.S: To remove a report. You just do '/report list' and then click on a report. (Perms required)


  • 30 [X]
  • 60 [X]
  • 90 [X]
  • 120 [X]
  • 150 [X]
  • 180 [X]
  • 200 []


  • Please don't decompile my plugin. You don't have the right to decompile it!


  • GUI Capability
  • Permissions
  • Commands
  • Cooldown (/report <player> <reason> | To bypass this you just need to have perms to 'report.bypass')
  • Alert once a report is made
  • Developer announchment, once I join.
  • Simple announcement once a player joins saying that the server is running this plugin

Commands & Perms:

/report listOpens a GUI fill of reports if any.report.listOP
/report <player> <reason>Report a player with a reasonreport.someoneTRUE/DEFAULT
Permission to bypass cooldownreport.bypassOP
Permission to receive alertsreport.recieveOP
Permission to remove reportsreport.removeOP

This is my first plugin upload. So please, do take it easy on me. This is not my first plugin but first one to upload. If you want your server featured on here, as a 'server using this plugin'. Then please do scroll to the top and read.. Secondly, please do give plently of suggestions. As it will make the plugin population grow..


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