One starting point to multiple locations #2

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  • Pythros created this issue Jan 11, 2012

    My request is this...

    Being able to have multiple destinations from one starting point. This would be ideal for those who don't want to have multiple starting points for multiple flight paths. Personally on my server, we have multiple locations for people to go to and having a starting point for each location would make things very cluttered fast.

    I would suggest in placing a sign next to the starting point that the player can scroll through by right clicking the sign - such as is the way with the old Stargate plugin. A network wouldn't be needed for this IMO.

    The idea I have basically revolves around how WoW has their taxi service setup for players.

    By the way, this plugin is awesome and great replacement for dying teleportation plugins!

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  • Pythros posted a comment Jun 29, 2012

    Curious about any update on this. Thanks!

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