Example regions.xml

Below is the code for an example regions.xml file with comments explaining how to use each part. Click here to download a copy of this example xml. Place your completed regions.xml file in your server's plugins/VoxelTexturesPlugin/ folder and run the command: /vtreload. Clients with the VoxelTextures client mod will automatically download the regions file when they connect to your server.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<config xmlns:r="http://regions.thevoxelbox.com/xmlns/regions" xmlns:w="http://regions.thevoxelbox.com/xmlns/worlds" xmlns:tp="http://regions.thevoxelbox.com/xmlns/texturepack">

	<!-- Worlds list, this maps the hashed seeds and dimensions to world names which can be referenced in the mapping below -->
		<!-- World node, this only requires a name attribute -->
		<w:world name="world1">
			<w:seed>01234567890abcdef123567890abcdef</w:seed> <!-- Hashed seed for the world obtained using /vthash command -->
			<w:dimension>0</w:dimension> <!-- Dimension id for this world, use "-1" for Nether, "0" for overworld, "1" fo The End, or "any" to ignore -->

	<!-- Texture packs list, file names are regex matched for flexibility -->
		<!-- Texture pack node, this only requires a name attribute -->
		<tp:pack name="pack1">

		<tp:pack name="pack2">


	<!-- Regions list, contains region definitions mapped to texture pack entries above -->
	<!-- Items with [OPTIONAL] at the end can be removed from a region to remove that feature from the region -->
		<!-- Region name used for idetification purposes -->
		<!-- Setting a colour makes a colored grid appear around the grid for testing purposes, detelting the colour attribute removes the grid. It is reccomended to remove all grids prior to putting the region up for distribution on a server -->
		<r:region name="region1" colour="FF9999">
			<r:world>world1</r:world> <!-- The world this region occurs in -->
			<!-- Specify two coordinate point s of x, y, and z to create a region box or leave out the y value to make to make regions that apply to infinite y-values -->
			<r:point1 x="-100" z="-50" />
			<r:point2 x="0" z="50" />
			<r:priority>1</r:priority> <!-- Specifies the priority of the region. Regions with larger priority numbers take precedence over regions that have smaller priority numbers -->
			<r:pack>pack1</r:pack> <!-- Specifies the texturepeack to automatically switch to [OPTIONAL] -->
			<r:description>Region 1</r:description> <!-- Displays text at the top of the screen while you are in the region [OPTIONAL] -->
			<r:welcometext>Welcome to Region 1</r:welcometext> <!-- Displays a HL2 style titlecard animation for a couple seconds after entering the region [OPTIONAL] -->
			<r:alwaysday>true</r:alwaysday> <!-- Set this value to true to override the server time and set the time to day. You may use <r:alwaysnight>true</r:alwaynight> instead for constant night. [OPTIONAL] -->

            <!-- Custom entity type to display inside spawners in the region, available entity types are: -->
            <!-- XPOrb, Arrow, Snowball, Fireball, SmallFireball, ThrownEnderpearl, EyeOfEnderSignal, PrimedTnt, FallingSand -->
            <!-- Minecart, Boat, Creeper, Skeleton, Spider, Giant, Zombie, Slime, Ghast, PigZombie, Enderman, CaveSpider -->
            <!-- Silverfish, Blaze, LavaSlime, EnderDragon, Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Squid, Wolf, MushroomCow, SnowMan -->
            <!-- Villager, EnderCrystal, none, default -->
			<r:spawnermob>Creeper</r:spawnermob> <!-- [OPTIONAL] -->

            <!-- Custom particle effect to display in the mob spawners in the region, available effects are: -->
            <!-- hugeexplosion, largeexplode, depthsuspend, townaura, crit, magicCrit, smoke, mobSpell, spell, instantSpell -->
            <!-- note, portal, enchantmenttable, explode, flame, lava, footstep, splash, largesmoke, cloud, reddust -->
            <!-- snowballpoof, dripWater, dripLava, snowshovel, slime, heart, none, default -->
			<r:spawnerfx>instantSpell</r:spawnerfx> <!-- [OPTIONAL] -->

            <!-- CUstom Offset inside the spawner to place the spinning entity in relation to the mob spawners in the region. expressed as a percentage of a block height -->
            <!-- 0 is the default offset, 100 will be above the block, etc. -->
			<r:spawneroffset>100</r:spawneroffset> <!-- [OPTIONAL] -->

            <!-- Rotation speed for the entity in the mob spawners in the region, relative to the normal spin rate. 100 is full speed. -->
			<r:spawnerspeed>10</r:spawnerspeed> <!-- [OPTIONAL] -->

		<r:region name="region2">
			<r:point1 x="0" z="-50" />
			<r:point2 x="100" z="50" />
			<r:priority>2</r:priority> <!-- This region would take priority over region1 if they overlapped -->
			<r:description>Region 2</r:description>


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