Suggestion: whitelist functionality #1

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  • _ForgeUser6941324 created this issue Feb 19, 2012

    Oposite of the black list..

    Example. i run a server where the default buildblocks should ofcoure be availible and free for all
    but i also run mods where i dont want the modded blocks to be /more able.

    So in my case i would want to add the Block IDs that i would like people to be ALLOWED to use
    because there is proberly only some 100-150 blocks

    where the mods they should not be able to use /more on, well there are proberly 4-6 times more blocks
    plus they are not in order.  and im sure in minecraft 1.2 when it arrives. ALL ids change due to the new
    4096 limit.

    I hope you understand what i meant.

    Thanks ;)

  • _ForgeUser6941324 added the tags New Enhancment Feb 19, 2012

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