• /vote
    • Description: Lists the voting websites that are saved
    • Permission:
  • /broadcastvote
    • Description: Broadcasts the vote command to all players on the server
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.broadcast
  • /vsm {list | add | remove | clear | config | reload} [URL | Index | Config Setting] [Config Value]
    • Description: The main command for controlling all aspects of the plugin
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage
  • /vsm list
    • Description: Lists all of the voting sites with indices
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage.list
  • /vsm add [URL]
    • Description: Adds a website to the website list
    • Parameters:
      • URL: The URL to the website that you want to add
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage.add
  • /vsm remove [URL | Index]
    • Description: Removes a website from the website list
    • Parameters:
      • URL: The URL of a website that is in the list
      • Index: The index of a website that is in the list (obtainable by using /vsm list)
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage.remove
  • /vsm clear
    • Description: Clears the website list; cannot be undone
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage.clear
  • /vsm config [Setting] [Value]
    • Description: If only Setting is specified, displays the currrent value of the setting; if both are specified, sets the value of Setting to Value
    • Parameters:
      • Setting: The setting that you are acting upon
      • Value: The value to set the setting to
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage.config
  • /vsm reload
    • Description: Reloads the VSM configuration
    • Permission: VoteSiteManager.manage.reload


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