Voting Site Manager

A simple plugin that allows server administrators to add several sites to a "voting sites" list, that players can then see using /vote. Its purpose is to direct players to top-100-style websites to vote for the server.

/vote demonstration



This plugin should be compatible with pretty much any recent version of CraftBukkit. It has been tested on 1.4.7 through 1.6.4 with no problems. The plugin works completely within the Bukkit API, so it should always remain compatible, unless the API changes.


Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed the permission check for /vsm add (it was previously checking for, rather than VoteSiteManager.manage.add)
  • Added description, website, and author to the plugin file
  • Added VoteSiteManager.* and VoteSiteManager.manage.* permissions
  • Code cleanup and small changes

Version 1.1.0

Upgrading to this version will require you to update your config file; see Configuration for more information.

  • Made /vsm config list the possible config settings when an invalid one is entered
  • Added additional configuration settings:
    • vote-message
    • broadcast-message
    • vote-site-prefix
    • broadcast-site-prefix
  • Renamed two configuration settings:
    • delay is now vote-site-delay
    • broadcast-delay is now broadcast-site-delay

Version 1.0

  • Initial release


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