VoteRoulette v3.0


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    Apr 17, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


New to VoteRoulette or got a cool setup to share? Check out the VoteRoulette forums!

VoteRoulette 3.0 Update Notes

The next feature release for VoteRoulette is here!

  • MySQL support
    • This was long overdue. Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for this.
    • Please allow a new config.yml to generate with the database settings.
    • This allows for some new stat tracking as well, including top votes for the current month and top votes for the previous month
    • You can type /vr importstats to import current local data to your database
  • Variable item amounts
    • This takes the idea of randomization and customization a step further.
    • Allows you to set amount "expressions" for items which can dynamically change the amount of an item a player will get when they vote
    • These expressions have a number of available variables:
      • %lifetime% - the players total amount of votes
      • %currentstreak% - the players current votestreak (consecutive days of votes)
      • %longeststreak% - the players longest votestreak
      • %currentmonth% - the players votes for the current month
      • %previousmonth% - the players votes for the previous month
      • %cycle% - the players vote cycle
      • random(#) - a random number between 1 and the # provided in the ()
    • VoteRoulette uses EvalEx to parse these expressions, take a look at it's site to learn what kinds of calculations you can do.
    • To use an expression for an item, simply put one in the "amount" field for an item.
    • Example: "amount: 1+(%currentstreak%/3)"
      • This expression would increment the item by 1 every 3 days of consecutive voting, with a minimum of 1. So if a player voted 6 days consecutively, they would receive 3 of these items.
    • You can set an amount limit in the config that variable amounts will never go higher than.
  • Delayed commands are now persistent through server restarts
    • If you don't include a "shutdown" tag for your command, then the command will be save during shutdown and will resume when the server starts back up.
  • Auto-claimed awards are now summarized into one message, rather than several
    • And with this a new entry in messages.yml: "player-awards-summary-message"
    • This is also used when players "claim all" unclaimed awards
  • World based awards are auto-claimed when a player changes worlds, if auto-claiming is turned on
  • The /vr top and /vr claim menus have been cleaned up and are now clickable for servers running 1.7 or higher
  • Various bug fixes, optimizations, and improvements
  • A continuous integration server has been setup to give easy access to dev builds for those who want it.

Since there is new additions to the config, messages, and localizations file, it's recommended you rename your current files to something else (like old_config.yml) so the new files can populate and then you can copy over your awards and other settings. Preview the updated files here: config, messages.yml, localizations.yml.

To view the entire change log for the life of VoteRoulette, go here.

There is a bug that prevents Rewards from being saved as unclaimed if you are not using a database. This has been resolved in the next update. You can get it early here or wait for it to be approved.