VoteRoulette v2.2


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    Jun 3, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0



  • Introducing the in-game Award Creator!
    • Create Rewards/Milestones in-game without having to deal with the files.
    • Access to all the options for awards.
    • No super long, confusing, or hard to remember commands!
      • Once you are in the AC, you type everything straight into chat. (Don’t worry, no one sees your entries)
      • You are able to quickly: preview your progress, cancel creation, get help, or be reminded on what step you are on.
      • You are even able to pause the AC so you can speak in chat again, and then resume where you left off.
    • Type "/vr create", Permission: "voteroulette.createawards" (Admins/OPs auto have)
  • New Commands!
    • You can now delete awards in-game!
      • /vr deletereward [#], /vr deletemilestone [#]
      • # is from the "/vr rewards|milestones -a" list.
      • Permission: "voteroulette.deleteawards" (Admins/OPs auto have
    • Edit existing awards!
      • /vr editreward [#], /vr editmilestone [#]
      • Uses the Award Creator, but jumps you straight to adding more prizes.
      • # number is from the "/vr rewards|milestones -a" list.
      • Permission: "voteroulette.createawards" (Admins/OPs auto have)
    • Customize items for awards easily!
      • /vr setname [text]
        • Sets the custom name of the item in hand
        • Leave empty to clear current name.
        • Supports color codes
        • For use with the Award Creator.
        • Permission: "voteroulette.edititems" (Admins/OPs auto have)
      • /vr setlore [text]
        • Sets the custom lore of the item in hand
        • Use "/" to have the text start in a new lore line.
        • Leave text empty to clear current lore.
        • Supports color codes
        • For use with the Award Creator.
        • Permission: "voteroulette.edititems" (Admins/OPs auto have)
      • /vr colors
        • See the available color codes
        • Permission: "voteroulette.colors" (Admins/OPs auto have)


  • Major config overhaul!
    • Cleaned up the descriptions and organized the settings
    • Rewards/Milestones have been moved to the new awards.yml!
      • Current rewards/milestones will auto-transfer to new file but you will have to delete the old awards from the config.yml.
    • "onlyRewardMilestoneUponCompletion" setting reworded to "onlyGiveMilestoneUponCompletion" to minimize confusion.
    • New GUI setting "showPlayersAndGroups"
      • Shows the eligible permgroups and players in the Award GUI

Bug Fixes

  • Extra scoreboard name length protection to further prevent a rare client crash.
  • Decreased the start up time.
  • Removed some characters in the files that some computers didn’t like.
  • Fixed time parsing bug for first time voters.

Since there is new additions to the config, it's recommended you rename your current config to something else (like old_config.yml) so the new config can populate and then you can copy over your settings. See the updated file here: config.

To view the entire change log for the life of VoteRoulette, go here.

- "/vr claim" is not functioning properly in this version. v2.2.1 will fix.