Vote4Diamondz is Minecraft's premier, de facto online voting system! This plugin a complete rewrite of the original Vote4Diamondz which sparked the vote-reward craze among server owners. This plugin is a complete rewrite of the original Vote4Diamondz, making use of the latest technologies to ensure reliant, efficient, and stable operation.

Forget the hassle of Votifier listeners; Vote4Diamondz is completely customizable, easy to install, and encourages your players to vote for ALL your voting sites!


  • Fully open source
  • Being open source, it is FREE to use!
  • Hosted on your server for your server
  • Keeps a log of all votes
  • IP based session protection to ensure malicious users cannot vote for others and make them lose their chance at a reward
  • An unlimited number of command based rewards - Give your players Random items, Currency and More!
  • No external setup, simply dump the plugin into your plugins folder and edit the vote page to include your sites
  • Fully customizable. Perfect for embedding into iframes on your server's site or forum.

Quick Setup (Vote4Diamondz-v3)

Getting started with Vote4Diamondz is a snap:

  1. Grab the latest version from (Disclaimer: These builds are not approved by BukkitDev staff, use at your own risk!)
  2. Drop Vote4Diamondz.jar into your server's plugins/ folder
  3. Run your server once. This will generate a plugin/Vote4Diamondz folder
  4. In the folder you will find config.yml and sites.txt
  5. Open sites.txt and add the URLs for your voting sites. Vote4Diamondz supports all voting sites such as MinecraftServerFinder, Minestatus, Planetminecraft, etc.
  6. Open config.yml to control how rewards are given to players. Rewards are given to players after they vote on every single voting site.
  7. Restart your server, and navigate to to start voting!

Detailed Setup

Config.yml Setup

Sites.txt Setup

Downloads & Source Code

Stable Releases

Stable or 'recommended' builds will be uploaded to DevBukkit on a regular basis. Use this if you don't mind not having the latest features, or just want to feel secure knowing that the files are scanned by our team of highly trained monkeys, I mean staff.

Development Builds - Recommended

Thanks to the kindness of andrewkm, owner of EcoCityCraft I now have a shiny Jenkins server to host various software projects on. You may download the latest development builds at

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub, you may check it out here: Feel free to browse and submit pull requests. Please don't steal, I have put a lot of work into perfecting this system.


As with on any project there are a number of people to thank, so here they are.

  • Cheezetarts - Owner of Vote4Diamondz was the brainchild of Cheeze, and it was the wonderful Shadowraze server whom I develop for that enabled me to write the original version.
  • andrewkm - As mentioned above he hosts the development build server for me, you can check out his server at
  • alta189 - For maximum stability and to make life easier for me I have included the SimpleSave library by alta. You can check it out at and I highly recommend you give it a shot in your next plugin.
  • The Eclipse Jetty team - These folks are behind Jetty, the high performance intergrated web server which powers Vote4Diamondz. You can learn about jetty on their site:, or just pop by and say hi at #jetty on


Vote4Diamondz collects minimal, anonymous statistics and sends them to You can learn more about the system here:

Contact me!

The best place to get in touch with me is #md_5 on You can use: to chat with me directly.



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