VoteKick 2.0

The ultimate punishment plugin ! Now with improved security, and logs !
Your players will be able to vote to kick, ban, or temporary ban these damn trolls from your server, useful to grant access to liberty to your players, major when there is no mod online !

Commands and Permissions :

Command Permission Description
/vote... <player> (reason) votekick.startStart a vote or vote to kick a player
/votekick <player> (reason) votekick.kickVote to kick a player
/voteban <player> (reason) votekick.banVote to ban a player
/votetempban <player> <minutes> (reason) votekick.tempbanVote to tempban a player
/voteunban <player>votekick.unbanVote to unban a player
/votestay <player>votekick.stayRemove one vote to the count for the player
/voteforce <player> votekick.adminForce the vote to succeed
/votecancel <player> votekick.adminCancel a vote
/votemute noneReceive or not the plugin messages
passive votekick.votekick, ban, tempban and stay permissions grouped
passive votekick.notifySee who votes
passive votekick.protectedDisallow any vote against the player
passive votekick.adminAccess to everything

Configuration :



Changelog :

Please backup your current config files and language and remove them from the plugin folder, the new ones will replace it.

Added :

  • node allows to use any vote
  • votekick.start node is needed to start a vote
  • ban and tempban reasons showing in the chat
  • voteunban command for tempbanned or banned players
  • votemute to stop receiving messages or receive them again
  • votestay vote limits

Fixed :

  • VoteTempBan delay not working
  • Vote limits not allways showing correctly

Improved :

  • Faster command managment
  • Total tempban duration now showing in tempban logs


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