This is a lightweight plugin for 1) debugging plugins or 2) doing commands for plugins that need players.

The virtualPlayers can take actions via commands and print out the events that are happening to them on the console. These players don't show up in game, but are just used for performing actions as if a player was there. Very useful if you don't even want to load up Minecraft, you just boot the server and debug as if you were players without even running the game.

The virtual players respond to the following commands.

Commands as Players

Commands: dc = do command, <virtual player> = the name of virtual player

  • dc <virtual player> any command you would normally do as a player
  • dc <virtual player> op : op virtual player
  • dc <virtual player> deop : deop virtual player
  • dc <virtual player> respawn : respawn the virtual player
  • dc <virtual player> disconnect
  • dc <virtual player> connect
  • dc <virtual player> reconnect
  • dc <virtual player> health <amount> : give the virtual player some health ( or kill them if 0 )
  • dc <virtual player> inv : print out their inventory
  • dc <virtual player> giveinv <item> : give them an item
  • dc <virtual player> tp <location> : teleport them to the given location ( "world,3,3,3" )
  • dc <virtual player> chat my message : have the virtual player talk in chat
  • dc <virtual player> hit <player2> [damage] : attack other players, defaults to 5 damage
  • dc <virtual player> interact <left | right> <location> : do a PlayerInteractEvent on the specified block location
  • /dc <virtual player> bpe <block> <location> : do a BlockPlaceEvent of the given material at the given location
  • /dc <virtual player> bbe <location> : do a BlockBreakEvent at the given location

Other Commands

  • /virtualplayers hideMessages : hide messages from players
  • /virtualplayers showMessages : show messages from players


  • dc p1 spawn
  • dc p2 disconnect
  • dc p1 chat Hello Server!
  • dc p3 bpe iron_block world,310,65,700 : Place an iron_block at world,310,65,700


Virtual Players will print out to the console if they teleport, receive a message or tell, respawn, connect/reconnect

I usually have a text file where I type out the commands I want to do with the players then just paste all of the actions into the console




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