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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1



  • Note! If you're getting "ZipException" and "STRING NOT FOUND" all over the place, use dev build #34 or newer. (Just don't touch anything called "matter", "materializer" or "transmutation" in builds before 2.4)
  • Fixed lang.yml being overwritten on every startup.


  • Improved language handling (new config option: language, see config page)
  • New language included: German
  • Fixed the uncrafter not giving the correct enchanted books
  • Fixed the broken alphachest importing feature. Note: To import alphachest files, you now have to place the AlphaChest.jar in the VirtualPack folder.


  • Blacklists for uncrafting and storing items (in chests, furnaces and brewing stands) - See the config page for more information.
  • Improved the /send command (new options: -all, -copy)
  • New config option: send.notify-interval - If bigger than zero, players who received items will be notified every X seconds until they use a virtualpack command.
  • New command: /v ad loadfile - If you want to convert to mysql and it isn't working, use this.
  • New config option: global-perms - Set this to true if your permissions plugin doesn't support world-based inheritance.
  • New config option: load-multithreaded
    • false - everything is loaded normally
    • semi - data is loaded in a separate thread (server starts up faster)
    • true - data is loaded in a separate thread for each user. (Fastest, but this may cause errors, use with caution!)
  • New permissions:
  • vpack.bypass.all - bypass all limitations
  • vpack.bypass.creative - previously vpack.creative
  • vpack.bypass.blacklist.all - ignore all blacklists
  • vpack.bypass.blacklist.uncrafter - ignore the uncrafter blacklist
  • vpack.bypass.blacklist.store - ignore the storage blacklist
  • Minor bug fixes


  • 1.4.7 compatible
  • Config option to block creative mode (and permission to bypass it if enabled)
  • In the console, when executing admin commands that require a world context (like "/v ad give"), you can now specify the world by adding "w:<world>" after the "/v ad". (example: "/v ad w:narnia give Siguza c 5")
  • Uncrafting enchanted items will now uncraft to the item without enchantments and enchanted books. Uncrafting an enchanted book will give you a normal book.
  • Minor bug fixes with language handling
  • Support for BackPack saves
  • This version will overwrite your lang.yml


  • Anvil features
  • VirtualChest files support
  • Item sending feature

New commands:

  • /v a
  • /v send

New permissions:

  • vpack.use.anvil
  • vpack.use.anvil.free
  • vpack.send