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    Jan 18, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1



  • 1.4.7 compatible
  • Config option to block creative mode (and permission to bypass it if enabled)
  • In the console, when executing admin commands that require a world context (like "/v ad give"), you can now specify the world by adding "w:<world>" after the "/v ad". (example: "/v ad w:narnia give Siguza c 5")
  • Uncrafting enchanted items will now uncraft to the item without enchantments and enchanted books. Uncrafting an enchanted book will give you a normal book.
  • Minor bug fixes with language handling
  • Support for BackPack saves
  • This version will overwrite your lang.yml


  • Anvil features
  • VirtualChest files support
  • Item sending feature

New commands:

  • /v a
  • /v send

New permissions:

  • vpack.use.anvil
  • vpack.use.anvil.free
  • vpack.send

Permissions with subnodes (like vpack.use.all won't work with PermissionsEX. I have no idea why, but I'm trying to fix it.\\
For now you will just have to set every permission itself. I'm sorry for that.