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1.10 UPDATE - 10k downloads! - 2 NEW PARTICLES - FIXED POSITIONING OF PARTICLES - This is a simple and easily understandable particle plugin, it has many different particles and many different features for a better user experience. I recently added the bossbar(Which you can turn off an on in the config) feature which creates a bossbar telling you what particle you selected and the bossbar health slowly shrinks until it dissapears.

Just a side note: The reason I made this plugin was to experiment with hashmaps and such, although I did a decent bug test I am sure you guys will find a way to mess it up :)

What does it do?:

I had been searching for a particle plugin that fitted my liking but I could never find that perfect one. SO THATS WHY I MADE THIS!!!! VIP Particles has a very organized and easy to understand gui for your players and is a great donation perk. If you have never heard of a particle plugin here is a quick summary: It spawns particles around the player creating an aura-ish effect.


  • Currently 24 different particle
  • Has a dynamic inventory menu showing the user what is unlocked and locked
  • Has a built in option to link your players to the shop to buy more particles (Toggleable in config)
  • A customisable message prefix
  • More updates coming soon :)


  • particles.*: Gives the player all particles
  • particles.gui: Allows the user to open the particles gui
  • All of the permissions below are self explanatory (Gives the respected particle to the player. ex: particles.snowbreak gives the player the snowbreak particle effect around them
  • particles.snowbreak
  • particles.barrier
  • particles.heart
  • particles.crit
  • particles.portal
  • particles.driplava
  • particles.dripwater
  • particles.enchant
  • particles.fireworkspark
  • particles.flame
  • Page 2:
  • particles.critmagic
  • particles.rainbow
  • particles.rainbowtwo
  • particles.spell
  • particles.witch
  • particles.slime
  • particles.angryvillager
  • particles.happyvillager
  • particles.wake
  • particles.dragonbreath
  • particles.endrod (More coming soon)

Config: (Should auto-generate)


  • /particles: Opens up a GUI with all available particles





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