This plugin allows you to collect grapeseeds, grow grape clusters and brew some wine!

How do i find a GrapeSeed?

GrapeSeeds are found in the common tall grass. The drops are quite rare(1% default).

Bushes that are not fully grown, will also drop the seeds when broken with a WOODEN HOE.

How do i grow Grapes?

To grow them, you first need to be granted permission by the server admin. The you must have one fence post on at least two sides of where the bush will grow. After that all you have to do is to till the ground to SOIL.

After that simply RIGHT click the ground with the GrapeSeed, and a bush will grow!

How do i harvest the Grapes?

After some time the bush will be fully grown and turn into a different looking bush. Then simply break the bush!

You will get 1-2 GrapeClusters. These Clusters can either be brewed in a brewing stand to get Wine, or used in a crafting space to get 3 single grapes that can be consumed!


The Wine is a healing potion that also gives you a speed and jump boost!



There is little confguration with this plugin.

  • Droprate - The % the GrapeSeeds drop from tall grass.
  • Minutes - The time it takes for the bush to be fully grown.
  • Water Drops - Set to true, or false, for GrapeSeeds to drop when broken by water. DISABLED FOR NOW!
  • Buffs - Enable or disable default buffs when drinking wine.
  • CustomEffect - Enable or disable an extra or alternative effect to the wine.
  • Effect - The alternative effect, only use what is listed here: Link
  • ADur - The duration of the custom/alternative effect
  • MustFence - Enable or Disable the requirement to have fence posts for the wines to grow.


  • Vineyards.grow
  • Vineyards.drink


v 1.0 - Initial release.

v 1.1 - Added config options, so seeds will drop when water breaks the tall grass.

v 1.2 - Added some more config options. Temporarily disabled seeds dropping from water. Changed from LEFT clicking to RIGHT clicking, in order to plant seeds.

v 1.2.1 - Bugfixes

v 1.3 - Added more config options, bugfixes, added one permission.

v 1.3.1 - Bugfix

v 1.4 - Non filly grown bushes will now drop seed. At server shutdown all non fully grown bushes will be fully grown on startup again(temp fix). Can't rename items in Anvil to names that is used in this plugin. Can't use grape clusters on soul sand as nether warts.

v 1.5 - Changed seed looks from regular seeds to melon seed look. This is to make it more compatible with MCMMO.

v 1.5.1 - Bugfix, seeds will now drop correctly when bush is broken with hoe

v 1.5.2 - Bugfix

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