Village Defender

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Village Defender

Zombies take over the world, only one village could hold up against the zombies. But now they are out of power. Their only and last hope are you guys. You need to hold up the zombies now. You are the master now. Don't let the zombies destroy the village. Will you defend the village succesfull, or will you fail? Will the last villagers in Minecraftia survive?


Coming Soon!


We are proud to present you a new minigame. This is the original idea of DerpyKitteh. But me (TomTheDeveloper) and Ivan make this become true. You need to defend the village against the zombies. There are serveral rounds, with baby zombies and normal zombies. There will be 5 villagers in the village, and you need to protect them. If they all die, you fail. You will also get experience from the zombies. You need to gather them because with that expercience you can buy better stuff in the shop. But don't die, because if you die, you will lose 10 levels of expercience.

This we won't say until the official release, but when you read what you can buy in the shop, you will know a little bit more!

  • Diamond Armor: You can buy better amor. With diamond armor equiped, you die less, so you won't lose much expercience.
  • Iron Golem Egg: With this egg can you spawn an iron golem, which will fight for you. But watch out, there are TNT-zombies, who will try to destroy your iron golem. So destroy them first before they destroy your iron golem.
  • Instant Healing Splash Potion: This potion can be used in two ways, this is a total win win situation. You can use them to kill the zombies, or when baby zombies are attacking you, you throw them on the ground. By throwing them on the ground, you will heal, but the baby zombies wil also take damage.
  • Regeneration Splash Potion: A simple regeneration potion

Pressure plates
  • Wooden Pressure plates: Those will spawn a normal zombie.
  • Stone Pressure Plates: those will spawn a TNT-zombie.


Command What?
/vd arenablock 1 Define the first block, where between the arena is. Watch at it, and then perform the command
/vd arenablock 2 Define the second block, where between the arena is. Watch at it, and then perform the command
/vd join Join the lobby
/vd leave Leave the game


Permission What?
VillageDefender.admin Gives the permission to make an arena
default All the players can join the arena, there is no permission for that!


This minigame is developed by TomTheDeveloper and IvanTheBuilder. Did you found any bugs? Yes? Please tell it to us, the we will try to fix it. Our first priority is giving you an awesome game without bugs.


This logo is made by @muffinjello. Do you also want an awesom logo, just ask it to @muffinjello


Do you have ideas to make this minigame more awesome than it already is, just leave a comment!


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