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Introduction: First and foremost thanks to user orion403 for letting us use Incantatio v1.2.3 as the springboard for this plugin. Stay a while and listen. Back in the beginning, there was Minecraft. And it was good. Then we stumbled upon and Incantatio. And it was better. Then, as the scientists we are, we say to ourselves, "what else can that do?" So it began.

Description: Keeping in tune with its noble roots, it works with Latin of course! Everyone knows Latin sounds all exotic and powerful and mysterious, and it turns out once you put this plugin into your server, it too will know to bend to the will of Latin! For example, I want light. But I don't want to use torches, I want to use MAGIC! So, I look at a block that I'd like light from and utter the word "lux". Lo and behold, the powers of LATIN make the block under your cross-hair magically appear a Glowstone Block! There are quite a few others here, some (alot) more - ahem - powerful than this one. Read through yourself and see what we mean

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