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Have you ever wanted to customize your server's hunger properties, without having to install complicated mods or builds like spigot? Do you want to be able to punish your players for ruining their hunger bar, or even disable hunger? Well, now you can.


  • Configure effects to give to players at certain hunger levels. You can edit the duration, strength, and the potion effect.
  • Also, there is custom hunger scaling in a variety of categories, such as sprinting and flying hunger.
  • Per-World Support for all potion effects and scaling.
  • Variety of commands.
  • Disable or enable hunger.
  • Auto-Updater feature! (Can be disabled in config file by setting 'check-for-updates' to false)


hunger.admin encompasses all of the following permissions and is by default, given to operators.

/hunger helpNo attached permission
/hunger [player]To view your own hunger, the permission is hunger.check - To view other player's hunger, the permission required is hunger.check.others
/hunger nourish [player]To nourish yourself, you need hunger.nourish - To nourish other players, you need hunger.nourish.others
/hunger set [player] <integer>Set your own or another player's hunger with hunger.set to set your own and hunger.set.others to set other players hunger levels.
/hunger config <save-reload>Save or reload the config with hunger.config.save and hunger.config.reload
N/ATo not experience a decay in food level, you can have the permission hunger.nohunger
N/ATo not be affected by potion effects at hunger levels, you can be exempt with hunger.effects.exempt
N/ATo receive information about when updates are available (if enabled in config), you need the permission hunger.update.


  1. Download the latest .jar file.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Put the vHunger.jar file into your /plugins folder.
  4. Start your server, you should be good to go!


I've spent many hours fleshing out the features of this plugin, making it easy to use as well as implementing crazy features. Support me in my goal to add more features to come buy purchasing a snack for me :). If you can't spare $1, please give feedback in the comments.


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