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Veto is a plugin for creating surveys for your server. I created this for the german speaking server Island-Box. English speaking people are welcome! It is possible to create polls for a certain permission group. Overall there are many permissions to use. It has two translation with more to come, if the project gets bigger. An explanation of how to create surveys via file can be found here. It offers a lot of functions which i will explain below.

- IB


  • /veto: Displays the commands and a little help text.
  • /veto reload: Reloads only the plugin.
  • /veto vote <name> <number>: Command for voting. The number is the index of the possible answer displayed in the info. If the multiple choice function is enabled, you have to write all numbers at once, seperated with spaces.
  • /veto create <name> <permission>: Creates the poll with the given permissions.
  • /veto start <name>: Starts the survey.
  • /veto end <name>: Ends a survey.
  • /veto info: Displays a list of all available surveys.
  • /veto info <name>: Shows further information about a poll.
  • /veto stat <name>: Displays the statistics of a survey.
  • /veto playerlist <name>: Shows the list of player that already voted for the poll.
  • /veto list: Displays a short list of all available polls with the first line from topic.
  • /veto delete <name>: Deletes a poll.
  • /veto -e topic <name> <text> <line>: Command for editing the topic of a survey. If you just specify the number of a line, it will delete the line.
  • /veto -e mc <name> <true/false>: Sets the multiple choice function on or off.
  • /veto -e perm <name> <permission>: Changes the permissions needed to do something with the given survey. The final Permission is "Veto.survey.<permission>"
  • /veto -e end <name> <date>: Changes the date for the automatic close function. Dates which are accepted: 01/01/1990, 01/01/1990 00:00 and many more.
  • /veto -e ao <name> <true/false>: Changes the automatic close function on or off.
  • /veto -e vote -a <name> <answer>: Adds a possible answer to the Survey.
  • /veto -e vote -r <name> <index>: Removes the answer with the index from the survey. The index is the number same as /veto vote.
  • /veto -e vote -c <Survey> <Index> <Count>: Edits the counts voted on an answer in a survey.
  • /veto -e player -a <name> <playername>: Adds a player to the playerlist of a survey.
  • /veto -e player -r <name> <playername>: Removes the player from the playerlist of a survey.


  • Veto.all: Allows everything.
  • Veto.reload: Allows you to reload the config and the Polls.
  • Allows you to display the loaded surveys.
  • Allows to show who already voted on a poll.
  • Veto.start: Allows you start a survey.
  • Veto.end: Allows to end a survey.
  • Veto.stat: Allows to view the statistics.
  • Allows to vote.
  • Veto.list: Allows to display the playerlist of a survey.
  • Veto.create: Allows you to create surveys.
  • Veto.delete: Allows you to delete surveys.
  • Veto.edit.topic: Rights to change the topic.
  • Veto.edit.perm: Rights to change the needed permissions for a suvey.
  • Veto.survey.<perm>: The permissions needed for a survey.
  • Veto.edit.mchoice: Allows to change the multiple choice function of a survey.
  • Veto.edit.end: Rights to change automatic ending date.
  • Veto.edit.autooff: Allows to Change the automatic closing function.
  • Rights to add an answer.
  • Rights to remove an answer.
  • Rights to change the count a answer already voted.
  • Veto.edit.player.add: Rights to add a player.
  • Veto.edit.player.remove: Rights to remove a player.


It is possible to change the folder for the surveys and the root folder of the plugin. You can activate there a global automatic close function. It follows the same rules as the function in each survey. The language can be changed under the language entry. It should match deutsch or english due there are just these two.


  • More translations (if the project is getting biggger)
  • SQL connection

If you found a bug, please report it to the ticket system and i will do my best to fix it. I hope you enjoy this. You can find my git-repo here. Be warned, most parts of the code are wirtten in german.


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