This this is the best enchant plugin for craftbukkit!
When I was looking for good enchant plugin, I have not found useful one, so I decided to write my own!
And now i present it for you!


Enchanting and unenchanting items and blocks, configurability, great restrictions system through permissions, fastest performance and much more!
Tip of the version ;-)
If you want let players unenchant items, just add "- venchant.all.0" permission for default group!
if you want translate plugin to your language, install it, find messages.yml in VEnchant folder. Than copy EN section, change en to your lang (ex. de), translate messages and send new messages.yml to me through PM.


Why VEnchant?
1it's fully configurable
2simple commands - not only /enchant, you can use /enc /ven and even /e!!
2enchanting level limits through permissions
3supports enchanting up to 32767lvl
4looting, fortune and thorns are not enchanted by /enc all - looting 3000lvl of looting can cause lag
5custom mapping for "natural enchants"
6also custom mapping for default enchantment levels
8custom enchantments names and also enchantment lists!!
9fast performance - it caused by mapping enchantments and levels in configs
10removing enchantment by enchanting to zero level!

Video review by MythicCynic!

Commands & Permissions

You can use "/enchant" "/ven" and even "/e" instead "/enc".

/enc- venchant.naturalEnchants item in your hand with natural enchantmens, default level for each enchantment
/enc all- venchant.allEnchants item in your hand with all enchantments, default leve for each enchantment
/enc max- venchant.natural.maxEnchants item in your hand with all enchantments, default level for each enchantment
/enc [enchantment name]- venchant.<enc ID!!!! not name!!!>Enchants item in your hand with [enchantment] , default level
/enc [level]- venchant.natural.<level>Enchants item in your hand with natural enchantments, level you provided
/enc all max- venchant.all.maxEnchants item in your hand with all enchantments except looting, fortune and thorns at 32767level
/enc all [level]- venchant.all.<level>Enchants item in your hand with all enchantments except looting, fortune and thorns at level you provided
/enc [enchantment] max- venchant.<enc ID not NAME>.maxEnchants item in your hand with [enchantment] at 32767level
/enc [enchantment] [level]- venchant.<enc ID not NAME>.<level>Enchants item in your hand with [enchantment] at level you provided


Basic configuration

1. Config.yml

localeenAllows you change locale. Currently 'en' and 'ru'.
pexcheckconfigurationThis is advanced configuration value.
enablemetricstrueenable or disable plugin statistics on
<enchantments section>-If you want add custom enchantments names, you shuold add line
"<enchantment name you want>: <id>"

2. messages.yml
Here stored messages. Just change you want.

Advanced configuration


TO-DO List

- rewrite natural enchantments checking system (i haven't starter yet)
removing echantments
enchantment lists
help command
added plugin metrics
add perms check for natural enchantments when enchanting by name

Plugin Metrics at (1.07 and above)


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