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On this page you will find all the general information and usage about all of the current VeinMiner official commands. This will also tell you all of the related permission nodes to the commands, and what the result will be after the command has been successfully executed. I hope this is a helpful guide. If it is, feel free to let me know over a private message, or just by supporting me and download the plugin for yourself :)




  • The main administrative command for VeinMiner. Most of the sub-commands will default to OP

Sub-commands / Arguments

  • [reload] - Reload the VeinMiner configuration file
  • [version] - Get current information about the VeinMiner plugin installed on your server
  • [blocklist] - A base sub-command to modify the blocklist within the VeinMiner configuration file
    • [tool] - The tool to affect for the following arguments in the command
    • [add] <id> [data] - Add the specified Block ID to the blocklist in the VeinMiner configuration file
    • [remove] <id> [data] - Remove the specified Block ID to the blocklist in the VeinMiner configuration file
    • [list] - List all current vein minable blocks in the blocklist
  • [toggle] - Toggle VeinMiner on and off
    • [tool] - Optionally toggle a specific tool


  • There is currently one alias for this command, "/vm"


  • This command will automatically default to all oped players
  • There are 3 following permission nodes for this command:
    • veinminer.reload - Allow access to the "/veinminer reload" sub-command
    • veinminer.blocklist.add - Allow access to the "/veinminer blocklist <tool> add" sub-command
    • veinminer.blocklist.remove - Allow access to the "/veinminer blocklist <tool> remove" sub-command
    • veinminer.blocklist.list.* - Allow access to the "/veinminer blocklist <tool> list" sub-command
    • veinminer.toggle - Allow access to the "/veinminer toggle" sub-command


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