VeinMiner 1.15.0


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    Jan 11, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13


  • Added support for Bukkit 1.15.x
    • This build still supports 1.13.x and 1.14.x
  • Added a categories.yml file to allow users to create custom tool categories each with their own changeable set of tools in each category. Want to use a dirt block as a pickaxe? You can do that now!
    • Permission nodes for these categories are dynamic.
    • veinminer.veinmine.<category_id> will allow players to veinmine using that category
    • veinminer.blocklist.list.<category_id> will allow players to list blocks in that tool category
    • veinminer.toollist.list.<category_id> will allow players to list tools in that tool category
  • Added a /veinminer toollist subcommand to help manage tool lists from in-game. Permissions are as follows:
    • veinminer.toollist.add will allow players to add tools to a tool category. Defaults to op
    • veinminer.toollist.remove will allow players to remove tools from a tool category. Defaults to op
    • veinminer.toollist.list.* will allow players to list all tools in a tool category. Defaults to op
  • Removed the "tool template" configuration option and instead support them directly in the categories.yml. An example may be found below for how to declare a more specific item
  • Added a configuration option, "Cost", to make vein mining cost money when Vault and an economy plugin is installed. This is entirely optional. If not present or set to 0, it will remain free as is the default.
  • Configuration options may be specified either at the root level (in the config.yml), in a tool category (in the categories.yml) or in the item itself. Options declared at that level will override its parent. The following options make use of this functionality
    • RepairFriendlyVeinminer
    • IncludeEdges
    • MaxVeinSize
    • Cost
    • DisabledWorlds
  • API:
    • VeinMiningPattern now extends BlockAllocator to reduce duplicate code. This will break any existing patterns
    • NonNullHashSet now throws NullPointerExceptions, not IllegalStateExceptions
    • VeinBlock now extends Comparable
    • Almost anything tool related is now handled in the wtf.choco.veinminer.tool package. Seriously... there's way too much changed to list.
  • Removed various over-complicated bits of code (may slightly improves performance) (Thank you WI5E - 5fe1f2, 4a7be2)
  • Numerous bits of code cleanup and improved code practices
  • Fixed the hand category not being recognized by VeinMiner
  • Fixed an empty list being displayed when a blocklist was empty. It will now explicitly tell the user that the list is empty
  • Fixed the expansive (default) pattern mining one block more than the maximum vein size specified

Example of categories.yml with a custom category:

  MaxVeinSize: 10
  - 'minecraft:torch'
  - 'minecraft:redstone_torch':
    Name: "&6My Cool Torch!"
    - "First line!"
    - "&5Second line!"
  - 'minecraft:potato':
    Name: "&8Special item!"
    MaxVeinSize: 128
    IncludeEdges: false