VeinMiner 1.12.1


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    Sep 27, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


This release resolves a few niche issues present in version 1.12.0 of VeinMiner. Do note that this version of VeinMiner must be run on Minecraft 1.13.1 as there were changes made to the server that are required by this build. You should update your server to the most recent build using BuildTools if you have not already done so.



  • Fix a ClassCastException spamming the console every 30 minutes that occurred on servers that had other plugins running bStats. (Issue #7)
  • Rework VeinMiner's messaging system. Messages are now more consistent and are formatted differently. You will notice changes in the formatting. Feedback is appreciated. If it is well-received, I will consider using a similar format in my other plugins
  • Fix tool block lists displaying all block states even if no block states were specified (i.e. minecraft:chest[waterlogged=true,facing=north,type=single] when only minecraft:chest[waterlogged=true] was specified)