VeinMiner 1.11.1


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    Apr 28, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9
  • 1.8


(I'm going to start "introducing" my updates. Please let me know what you think)

For quite some time, people have been asking me, "Choco, why can't we break blocks that are of the same type but facing different directions?" (i.e. logs facing different directions). I always told them, "This would require a huge change in VeinMiner that I really don't think could happen without a lot of work". Well... I spent at least 12 hours writing some new features into VeinMiner that are going to improve the quality of the plugin by miles, and I think this is one of the more significant changes since the algorithm efficiency improvements. I've also fixed plenty of bugs that were present in the last build that I may have accidentally left in, and everything just seems a lot more polished! Thank you so much to pixiedruid on SpigotMC who helped me an incredible amount over the past couple of days. I owe a lot to this user :))


* Support from Spartan AntiCheat has been implemented in the resources new release. If you are a Spartan user, please update to gain support for VeinMiner :)

* Added a new "Aliases" configuration option to list the new material aliases! See below for explanation

* Fixed occasional patchy vein mining patterns

* Fixed "/veinminer toggle" not functioning as intended

* Fixed the "MaxVeinSize" configuration option not always working when changed from 64 blocks (NOTE: HIGH VALUES WILL NOW STRESS YOUR SERVER... BE WARNED)

* Fixed various API calls regarding VeinBlock information not being accurate

* Fixed a few inconsistencies brought by the last update

* API: Fixed the PlayerVeinMineEvent passing in a new VeinBlock instance rather than an existing VeinBlock instance (i.e. fields were inaccurate)

API: The VeinBlock class is now the holder of all VeinBlock instances. Its constructors are also now private. Instances should be retrieved with static VeinBlock#getVeinminableBlock() methods


What are material aliases:

Yea, sure, this may seem a little underwhelming. Trust me, it's a lot more powerful and exciting feature than you may think. This is a feature that had me working for a good 8 hours, and is one of the more powerful new configuration options this plugin has to offer. "But Choco... what makes this so different from listing values in the block list?". Well... aliases aren't actually vein minable on their own. If they're not listed in the block list, you won't be able to vein mine them. However, if they are aliased to a block that is vein minable, those aliased blocks are taken into consideration whilst the vein mining progress is underway and will also be mined alongside them!


As an example, people have always complained that they are incapable of mining large forest trees because they grow in awkward shapes with logs facing in various directions. Now, by default, all logs of the same type are aliased and will all be considered when vein mining! This can also be demonstrated by long grass and double tall grass. When mining a tall grass, it will also destroy all double tall grass because they are also aliased by default in the configuration file (though they are not vein minable because they are not specified in the blocklist). Perhaps confusing, but extremely powerful. You will understand once you play around with them a little bit more! I'm sure there are a few block aliases that I have missed; and if I have... please private message me and let me know! I will add them to the default configuration section if I find them worth being a default.